10 Interesting Facts about Heredity

The trait of parents will be passed through the offspring. This process is called hereditary.  The genetic information from the parents will be given to the offspring cells through the sexual or asexual reproduction. The process of natural selection leads into the evolution of species after individuals have variations through hereditary. Find out other interesting facts about hereditary by reading the below post:

Facts about Heredity 1: eye color

One of the inherited characteristics is found on eye color of human being. One of the parents may inherit the brown-eye trait to their kids.

Facts about Heredity 2: the inherited traits

Genes control the inherited traits in hereditary. Genotype is a term used to call a complete set of genes housed inside a genome of an organism.

Facts about Heredity
Facts about Heredity

Facts about Heredity 3: phenotype

The term phenotype is used to call the complete sets of behaviors and traits, which can be observed by an organism. The interaction between the environment and genotype will lead into the developments of traits. That is why the parents do not inherit phenotype.

Facts about Heredity 4: an example of phenotype

Can you mention an example of phenotype? A woman may have a tanned skin when she sunbathes regularly under the sun. The interaction occurs between the woman’s phenotype with sunlight.

Heredity Facts
Heredity Facts

Facts about Heredity 5: the suntanned woman

Even though the woman may have suntanned skin after regular sunbathing, this trait will not be passed to the kids.

Facts about Heredity 6: DNA

DNA is passed from one generation to the next generation.  It is considered as the heritable trait. The genetic information is encoded inside a molecule of DNA.

Heredity Image
Heredity Image

Facts about Heredity 7: DNA sequences

The new alleles may be produced when mutations occur and change the DNA sequences. Phenotype will be altered because the trait controlled by genes is mutated.

Facts about Heredity 8:  Darwin

When we talk about hereditary, we should never forget Charles Darwin. In 1859, he proposed the theory of evolution. The famous biological work of Darwin was On the Origin of Species. Francis Galton was the cousin of Darwin who adopted and modified the initial model of hereditary by Darwin.


Facts about Heredity 9:  hereditary in the antiquity

There were a number of ideas related to hereditary developed by the scientists since the antiquity period. Aristotle believed that conception occurred when female and male fluids were mixed.

Facts about Heredity 10: the father of genetics

Do you know the father of genetics?  He was Gregor Mendelin. 1865, he published a work related to pea plants.

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