10 Interesting Facts about Herbert Hoover

You will be informed with the 31st President of United States of America on Facts about Herbert Hoover.  He was in the office during the Great Depression in 1929 until 1933. Hoover was born on 10th August 1874 and died on 20th October 1964. His full name was Herbert Clark Hoover. This American politician introduced a number of issues such as efficiency and international trade when he was Secretary of Commerce in 1920s. Do you know that Hoover was a republican? Let us get other interesting facts about Herbert Hoover by reading the following post below:

Facts about Herbert Hoover 1: the programs

Hoover had planned ambitious programs when he served in the presidential office in 1929 until 1933. However, his attention on the plan was interrupted due to the presence of Great Depression, which damaged the American economy.

Facts about Herbert Hoover 2: intervention

Hoover tried hard to intervene in the poor economy of United States at that time. However, it seems useless for the economic got worse every year.

Facts about Herbert Hoover
Facts about Herbert Hoover

Facts about Herbert Hoover 3: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a democrat who defeated him in 1932. The Republican was attacked by the Democrat using the Great Depression period under the presidential office of Hoover.

Facts about Herbert Hoover 4: mining engineer

In 1912, Hoover retired from his activity as a successful mining engineer. He was noted as a Quaker.

Herbert Hoover Image
Herbert Hoover Image

Facts about Herbert Hoover 5: relief effort

During the World War 1, Hoover enjoyed a positive attention from the international world due to his relief effort in Belgium.

Facts about Herbert Hoover 6: the position in the First World War

During the First World War, Hoover was the head of Food Administration in United States.

Herbert Hoover Signature
Herbert Hoover Signature

Facts about Herbert Hoover 7: Secretary of Commerce

In 1921 until 1928, Hoover earned the place as the Secretary of Commerce. At that time, he was known as a progressive businessman.

Facts about Herbert Hoover 8: the Wall Street Crash

In 1929, Wall Street Crash marked the onset of Great Depression. It occurred eight months after Hoover became the president.

Herbert Hoover Pic
Herbert Hoover Pic

Facts about Herbert Hoover 9: how to fight against Great Depression

Hoover tried to reduce the impact of great Depression by having government public works. The notable one was Hoover Dam.

Facts about Herbert Hoover 10: the economy of United States

The economy of United States was poor during the presidency of Hoover. The rate of unemployment was increased up to 25 percent.

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