10 Interesting Facts about Herbal Medicine

Facts about Herbal Medicine give us insights about herbal phytotherapy or herbalism. Herbal medicine uses plant intended to cure a particular disease. In the human history, plants have been used for medicinal purposes until today. Herbal medicine is considered as the alternative medicine for it is created without scientific foundation. Let us find out other interesting facts about herbal medicine below:

Facts about Herbal Medicine 1: plants

Plants are considered as the primary components to create herbal medicine. I learnt from the drug rehab near me that most pharmaceutical drugs (used for medical or recreational purposes) today are derived from plants.

Facts about Herbal Medicine 2: clinical trials

The clinical trials to define the quality of herbal medicine are very rare. Actually clinical trial is very important to conduct for it can determine the effectiveness of herbal medicine.

Facts about Herbal Medicine
Facts about Herbal Medicine

Facts about Herbal Medicine 3: the scope

Today, bee, fungal products, shells, and minerals are included in the scope of herbal medicine.

Facts about Herbal Medicine 4: the origin of herbal medicine

The origin of herbal medicine could be traced back around 60,000 years ago according to the archaeological evidence.  The herbal remedies were written around 5,000 years ago. This written evidence contained the lists of plants created by the Sumerians.

Herbal Medicine Facts
Herbal Medicine Facts

Facts about Herbal Medicine 5: herbals

Herbals were the books, which talked about plants and their medical uses in several ancient cultures.

Facts about Herbal Medicine 6: the Ebers Papyrus

The Ebers Papyrus was created by the ancient Egyptians. It earns an important status for it becomes the lengthiest and oldest papyri.

Herbal Medicine Image
Herbal Medicine Image

Facts about Herbal Medicine 7: the popularity of herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is considered as the major health care in most countries in Africa and Asia according to WHO. The people who live in those countries choose herbal medicine for the pharmaceutical medicine is more costly. They only have to spend little cash because herbal medicine is created from the nature.

Facts about Herbal Medicine 8: the herbal remedies

The herbal remedies such as quinine, digitalis, aspirin and opium are the herbal remedies, which have been used in the pharmaceutical industries in this modern day.

Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine

Facts about Herbal Medicine 9: drugs and plants

Plants are used in around 25 percent of the drugs produced in United States.

Facts about Herbal Medicine 10: the effectiveness of herbal medicine

The effectiveness of herbal medicine to cure or treat cancer is still under a big question. There is no strong evidence that herbal medicine can cure, prevent or treat cancer according to Cancer Research United Kingdom.

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