10 Interesting Facts about Hera

Get the useful information about one of the famous goddesses in Greek mythology on Facts about Hera. She was recognized as the goddess of marriage and women. Hera earned the title as Queen of Heaven after she married Zeus, her brother. The parents of the couple were Titans Cronus and Rhea. Hera’s prominent personality is described as a vengeful and jealous goddess. Lion, cow and peacock are considered as the sacred animals according to Hera. Let us find out other details about Hera by reading the following post below:

Facts about Hera 1: the physical appearance

Since she was one of the Great Goddesses in the Greek religion and mythology, she was often crowned with polos. Her hand may hold a pomegranate.  Her status reflects the solemn and majestic character.

Facts about Hera 2: Roman mythology

In Roman mythology, Hera is equivalent with Juno. In 800 BCE, an enclosed roofed temple sanctuary was established at Samos by the Greeks for Hera.

Facts about Hera
Facts about Hera

Facts about Hera 3: Samos excavations

The votive offerings dated back in the end of 8th and 7th centuries BCE were found in Samos excavations.  It seems that Hera was not only honored by the Aegean.

Facts about Hera 4: the museum

The votive offerings, suppliants and figures of gods found at Samos excavations are displayed in the museum.

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Facts about Hera 5: Argive Hera

Argive Hera or Hera Argeia is used to call Hera when the Greeks worshipped her at the sanctuaries.

Hera Pic
Hera Pic

Facts about Hera 6: festival

Heraia is the festival, which celebrated and honored Hera as a Greek goddess.

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Facts about Hera 7: temples of Magna Graecia

There were two Doric temples dedicated for Hera in Magna Graecia. The first one was constructed in 550 BCE. The latter one was built in 450 BCE. Both of them were located in Paestum.

Facts about Hera 8: the festival of the Great Daedala

On a 60-year period, a sacred festival for Hera called the festival of the Great Daedala was celebrated in Euboea.


Facts about Hera 9: a vengeful goddess

Hera is described as a vengeful goddess. She spent most of her time creating plans to revenge the nymphs or mortals seduced by Zeus.

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Facts about Hera 10: the marriage

The marriage of Hera and Zeus was considered sacred in Greek cult and myth.

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