10 Interesting Facts about Henry V

Let me tell you interesting information on Facts about Henry V.  He took the throne of England from 1413 until his death in 1422. He was only 36 years old when he died on August 31st, 1422. Henry V was born on August 9th, 1386. The second monarch of England from House of Lancaster was Henry V. He had defeated prominent figures such as Percys of Northumberland and Owain Glyndŵr. He had disputes with his father, which led into the deteriorated health of his father. In 1413, his father passed away.

Facts about Henry V 1: as the king of England

After the death of his father, Henry V rose as the king where he ruled and controlled the country.

Facts about Henry V 2: the Hundred Years’ War

Hundred Years’ War was the war between France and England under Henry V. It took place in 1337 until 1435.

Facts about Henry V
Facts about Henry V

Facts about Henry V 3: Catherine of Valois

Catherine of Valois was the father of Charles VI of France who married to Henry V after negotiation was made between Henry and Charles VI of France to end the war. Henry was recognized as the heir apparent and regent of France according to Treaty of Troyes in 1420.

Facts about Henry V 4: Henry VI

Henry VI was the infant son of Henry V who took over the throne after the sudden death of Henry V.

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Facts about Henry V 5: the birthplace

The birthplace of Henry V was located in Principality of Wales at the gatehouse of Monmouth Castle.

Henry V Facts
Henry V Facts

Facts about Henry V 6: father of Henry V

Henry of Bolingbroke was the father of Henry V. His mother was Mary de Bohun. Later his father was known as Henry IV of England.

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Facts about Henry V 7: the birth of Henry V

Richard II of England was the king of England. After Henry V was born, he was removed from the throne line. There was no official documentation related to the birth date of Henry. The guardian of the king at that time was John of Gaunt. He was the grandfather of Henry V.

Facts about Henry V 8: Henry’s father as a king

The father of Henry became the king of England after he overthrew Richard II. When his father was crowned, Henry received the title as Prince of Wales.

Henry V
Henry V

Facts about Henry V 9: other titles

Henry V also held other titles such as Duke of Aquitaine, Earl of Chester and Duke of Cornwall.

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Facts about Henry V 10: crown as a king

On April 9th, 1413, Henry V was crowned as a king of England at Westminster Abbey, London.

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