10 Interesting Facts about Henry the 8th

Have you read Facts about Henry the 8th? You will get details about this famous king of England in the following post. He took the throne of England after the death of his father Henry VII. He was the second king in the Tudor Monarch.  He became the king since April 21st, 1509. He was born on June 28th, 1491 and died on January 28th, 1547. When we read the history of England, Henry the 8th is always one of the primary subjects to talk about.

Facts about Henry the 8th 1: personal life

The personal life of Henry the 8th is always discussed by the people until this present day. He married six times.

Facts about Henry the 8th 2: the first marriage

The first marriage of Henry the 8th was with Catherine of Aragon. He broke up with the Roman Catholic Church to annul his marriage.

Facts about Henry the 8th

Facts about Henry the 8th

Facts about Henry the 8th 3: The Church of England

Henry the 8th had a discussion with the pope related to his decision to annul his marriage. However, the Pope disagreed with the annulment. Therefore, Henry made the Church of England separated from papal authority. He made himself as the Supreme Head of the Church of England.

Facts about Henry the 8th 4: the belief

Even though he separated the Church of England, he still believed in the teaching of catholic theology.

Henry the 8th Facts

Henry the 8th Facts

Facts about Henry the 8th 5: radical changes

The English constitution was also radically changed by Henry.  Execution without formal trial was common during his reign.

Facts about Henry the 8th 6: the prominent figures

The prominent figures during the reign of Henry the 8th included Thomas Cranmer, Richard Rich, Thomas Cromwell, and Thomas Wolsey.

Henry the 8th

Henry the 8th

Facts about Henry the 8th 7: lifestyle

Henry the 8th enjoyed the extravagant lifestyle. He liked lavish things. Due to the dissolution of monasteries, the money paid for Rome then was used for royal revenue. Henry the 8th was at the financial ruin because of this expensive spending.

Facts about Henry the 8th 8: the description of Henry

Henry was described as an educated and attractive person according to his contemporaries. However, he had poor health and obese posture as he aged.

Henry the 8th's First Wife

Henry the 8th’s First Wife

Facts about Henry the 8th 9: the later life

The later life of the king was filled with insecurity, harshness, lust and selfishness.

Facts about Henry the 8th 10: the successor

Edward VI was the successor of Henry the 8th.

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