10 Interesting Facts about Henry the 7th

If you are always curious about the history of England, check Facts about Henry the 7th. He became the king of England on August 22nd, 1485 until his death on April 21st, 1509. He was born on January 28th, 1457. Henry the 7th earned the status as the first monarch in the Tudor Dynasty. He was Lord of Ireland and controlled Principality of Wales until November 29th, 1489. You will be informed more about the famous king by reading the whole post below:

Facts about Henry the 7th 1: King Richard III

The Battle of Bosworth Field marked the victory of Henry the 7th against King Richard III. The battle was the peak of Wars of the Roses. He became the king after winning the battle from Richard III.

Facts about Henry the 7th 2: Elizabeth of York

After Henry the seventh became a king, he tried to secure his position by marrying the niece of Richard III and daughter of Edward IV, Elizabeth of York.

Facts about Henry the 7th
Facts about Henry the 7th

Facts about Henry the 7th 3: after the civil war

After the civil war ended, Henry the 7th became the king where he was capable to secure his power and maintain stability in England.

Facts about Henry the 7th 4: the successor

Henry the 8th was considered as the successor of Henry the 7th after becoming a king for almost 24 years.

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Facts about Henry the 7th 5: initiatives

During his reign as a king, he had a number of initiatives in term of diplomacy, economy and administration. The economy of British Isles was partly contributed due to his support on the wool industry.

Henry the 7th Tudor
Henry the 7th Tudor

Facts about Henry the 7th 6: the birthplace and parents

The birthplace of Henry the 7th was located at Pembroke Castle. His father was the first Earl of Richmond, Edmund Tudor. His father passed away when Henry was only three months old. His mother was Countess of Richmond, Margaret Beaufort.

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Facts about Henry the 7th 7: Owen Tudor

Owen Tudor was the grandfather of Henry the 7th. It was believed that Owen and Catherine of Valois, the widow of Henry V married secretly which produced Edmund Tudor, Henry’s father. The parliament declared Edmund legitimate.

Facts about Henry the 7th 8: claiming the throne

The throne of England was claimed by Henry the 7th from his mother family line.

Henry the 7th Facts
Henry the 7th Facts

Facts about Henry the 7th 9: death of Henry the 7th

On April 21st, 1509, Henry the 7th passed away in Richmond Palace because of TBC.

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Facts about Henry the 7th 10: the death of his wife

Henry had poor health after the death of his wife, Elizabeth.  He had commissioned a chapel where he and Elizabeth were buried side by side.

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