10 Interesting Facts about Henry Moore

You will be informed with an English artist on Facts about Henry Moore. He was born on July 30th, 1898 and died on August 31st, 1986. People recognize him because he had created many semi-abstract monumental bronze sculptures, which can be found in many parts of the world. They are spotted in the public places. He also produces many graphic works and drawings. The notable one described the Londoners during the World War 2. Let us check other interesting facts about Moore below:

Facts about Henry Moore 1:  the abstract forms

As I have stated before, Moore focused on the abstract forms, which depicted the reclining figures or mother and child figures.

Facts about Henry Moore 2: the female body

The female body has been used as the primary subject of Moore in his art. However, the family group became his attention of sculpture in 1950s.

Henry Moore Art
Henry Moore Art

Facts about Henry Moore 3: the sculptural forms

Most sculptures of Moore always feature the hollow spaces. Most of them are pierced too.

Facts about Henry Moore 4: the birthplace and early life

His father was a coal miner. Henry’s birthplace was located in Castleford.

Henry Moore Facts
Henry Moore Facts

Facts about Henry Moore 5: prominence

Moore raised his prominence as a sculpture after he created the sculptures created from the cast bronze and carved marble. As an artist, he was a leading figure of modern art in UK.

Facts about Henry Moore 6: the lifestyle

Moore had a modest lifestyle though he earned a lot of money from his large-scale commissions to create sculpture. He established Henry Moore Foundation and funded the organization from his personal income. The foundation was focused to promote art and support education.

Facts about Henry Moore
Facts about Henry Moore

Facts about Henry Moore 7: interest in sculpture

During a Sunday school reading, he heard about the achievement of Michelangelo. It made him interested to become a sculptor. At that time, Moore was 11 years old.

Facts about Henry Moore 8: the opinion of his parents

Moore’s aspiration to become a sculptor was rejected by his parents for they believed that it gave him few career opportunities.

Henry Moore Pic
Henry Moore Pic

Facts about Henry Moore 9: the significant commission

Moore started to get the significant commission in 1950s. In 1951, he participated at Festival of Britain where he exhibited Reclining Figure: Festival.

Facts about Henry Moore 10: UNESCO building in Paris

UNESCO building in Paris featured a large marble reclining figure created by Moore in 1958.

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