10 Interesting Facts about Henry Hudson

Let me show you the famous English sea explorer and navigator on Facts about Henry Hudson.  He was born c. 1565 to 1570. In 1611, Hudson died. In the beginning of 17th century, Hudson earned the status as a famous navigator or sea explorer. He worked for the English merchants to find out a potential route to reach Cathay in 1607-1608. Hudson was an employee of Dutch East India Company when he tried to find to Northwest Passage to Asia where he explored the area surrounding the present-day metropolitan area of New York in 1609. Here are other interesting facts about Henry Hudson below:

Facts about Henry Hudson 1: Hudson River

Do you know Hudson River? It was named after Henry Hudson who explored the river. He also contributed to the establishment of Dutch colony here.

Facts about Henry Hudson 2: the final expedition

In the final expedition, Hudson Bay and Hudson Strait were discovered by Henry Hudson.

Facts about Henry Hudson
Facts about Henry Hudson

Facts about Henry Hudson 3: Northwest Passage

Hudson and his son finally had to lose their lives when both looked for the Northwest Passage.

Facts about Henry Hudson 4: mutiny

Mutiny occurred in his ship against Hudson when he wanted to reach the west after the ship was wintering on James Bay in 1611.

Henry Hudson Pic
Henry Hudson Pic

Facts about Henry Hudson 5: leaving the ship

Hudson, his son and seven other men had to leave the ship for it was controlled by the mutineers. People never saw them anymore after they were casted away.

Facts about Henry Hudson 6: the name

The Hudson’s Bay Company was named after him.  The Hudson Bay watershed was explored by the company. It was a very successful company, which focused on North American fur trading.

Henry Hudson
Henry Hudson

Facts about Henry Hudson 7: the birth and early life

The detail information about the early life and birth of Hudson was not known until today. Some believe that he was born in 1570. Other stated that he was born in 1565.

Facts about Henry Hudson 8: the importance of Hudson’s Bay Company

Hudson’s Bay Company was the legacy of Hudson. The fur trade was successful conducted by the company because of the vase bay or gulf that it explored. Compared to the Baltic Sea, Hudson discovered twice-bigger bay or gulf.

Henry Hudson Map
Henry Hudson Map

Facts about Henry Hudson 9: the importance of Hudson Strait

Hudson Strait played an important role in the history. The people who tried to look for the Northwest Passage away entered Hudson Strait.

Facts about Henry Hudson 10: Hudson’s name

Hudson’s name has been used to call various natural features, buildings and structures. They include Henry Hudson Bridge,  Hudson County, and Henry Hudson Parkway.

Are you impressed after reading facts about Henry Hudson?

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