10 Interesting Facts about Henry Clay

Here are Facts about Henry Clay to notice. Clay was born on 12th April 1777 and died on 29th June 1852. He was known as an American statesman and lawyer. People also recognize him due to his amazing skill as an orator. He was a representative of US Senate and House of Representatives in Kentucky. He was appointed as Speaker of The House of Representative for three non-consecutive terms. In 1825 until 1829, he became the Secretary of States. At that time, the presidential office was at the hand of John Quincy Adams. Let us find out the elaborate details of Henry Clay by reading the following post below:

Facts about Henry Clay 1:  running for the presidency

Clay tried to get to the presidential seat in 1824, 1832 and 1844. In 1840 and 1848, he tried to be nominated by his party as a president.

Facts about Henry Clay 2: failure

Even though Clay tried hard, it was very difficult for him to reach the highest office in United States. In the Whig Party, Clay still served as an important figure despite the loss.

Facts about Henry Clay
Facts about Henry Clay

Facts about Henry Clay 3: dominance

The dominance of Clay was spotted not only in the Second Party System but also in the First Party System.

Facts about Henry Clay 4: House of Representative

In 1810, he earned the office in the House of Representative after becoming a member of Senate. In 1811, he became the Speaker of the House.

Henry Clay Facts
Henry Clay Facts

Facts about Henry Clay 5: contribution in the war

The War of 1812, which occurred between United States and Great Britain, was partly driven by Clay. He supported US to have a war with Britain.

Facts about Henry Clay 6: Treaty of Ghent

Treaty of Ghent was a negotiation between Great Britain and United States. Clay was in the behalf of US as the negotiator.

Henry Clay Office
Henry Clay Office

Facts about Henry Clay 7: tariffs

He proposed the idea to increase tariff, which might support the development of US industries after the War of 1812 ended. He also wanted to establish a powerful national bank and infrastructure in US by using the federal funding.

Facts about Henry Clay 8: the four-man contest

During the four-man contest, Clay ended up in the fourth place.  He lost the chance for the presidential campaign in 1824.

Clay Estate
Clay Estate

Facts about Henry Clay 9: the title

The unofficial title of Clay was as the Great Compromiser. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 was formulated by John C. Calhoun, Daniel Webster and Henry Clay.

Facts about Henry Clay 10: the nicknames

The nicknames of Clay include The Western Star and Harry of the West due to his favor in the Western interests.

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