10 Interesting Facts about Henri Rousseau

If you are interested to know the prominent figure in the Primitive Manner or Naive art, check Facts about Henri Rousseau. This post-impressionist painter was born on 21st May 1844 and died on 2nd September 1910. His full name was Henri Julien Félix Rousseau. His job as a toll collector was described in humorous sense. Therefore, he was called as the customs officer or Le Douanier. At first, the critics ridiculed his works. Over the years, he appeared as an amazing painter with impressive artistic quality. Let me show you other facts about Rousseau to notice:

Facts about Henri Rousseau 1: an influential artist

Rousseau was an influential artist since the next generation artists were inspired by his works.

Facts about Henri Rousseau 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Rousseau was located in Laval, France. When he was a boy, he had to work since his family was a plumber.

Facts about Henri Rousseau
Facts about Henri Rousseau

Facts about Henri Rousseau 3: education

Rousseau was excelled in music and drawing by earning prizes even though, he was good at other subjects.

Facts about Henri Rousseau 4: after high school

Rousseau was employed as a lawyer after he graduated from high school. In 1863, he served in the army for four years. He became a government employee after the death of his father by relocating to Paris in 1868 to support his mother.

Henri Rousseau Facts
Henri Rousseau Facts

Facts about Henri Rousseau 5: personal life

His first wife was Clémence Boitard. Both married in 1868. In 1888, his wife passed away. In 1898, he and Josephine Noury got married.

Facts about Henri Rousseau 6: the painting period

Rousseau began to take painting seriously when he was in his 40s. He decided to focus on art after retiring from his job at the age of 49.

Henri Rousseau Image
Henri Rousseau Image

Facts about Henri Rousseau 7: a self-taught painter

Rousseau always considered himself as a self-taught painter. However, he admitted that Jean-Léon Gérôme and Félix Auguste Clément were two prominent figures who gave Rousseau advices.

Facts about Henri Rousseau 8: the famous paintings of Rousseau

The jungle scene is considered as the most famous painting theme of Rousseau. Actually, this man never saw the real jungle.

Henri Rousseau
Henri Rousseau

Facts about Henri Rousseau 9: the inspiration

Rousseau stated that the illustration that he found on the children’s books inspired him to create painting. Other inspirations were from tableaux of taxidermy wild animals and Paris botanical gardens.

Facts about Henri Rousseau 10: the shocking paintings

The works of Rousseau often shocked the critics and audiences due to the childish style. People often ridiculed them. He earned the first serious attention with Tiger in a Tropical Storm (Surprised!) which depicted the jungle scene.

Are you impressed after reading facts about Henri Rousseau?

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