10 Interesting Facts about Hemophilia

Facts about Hemophilia present the information about an inherited genetic disorder. When a person has hemophilia, the process to stop bleeding will be interrupted for the ability to make blood clot is impaired. It is very easy for the affected people to have bruising after an injury.  The risk of having bleeding inside the brain and joint is also increased. The mild level of hemophilia gives the affected people symptoms or signs after they have surgery, injury or accident. Here are other interesting facts about hemophilia to notice:

Facts about Hemophilia 1: bleeding

Bleeding is very dangerous for the people with hemophilia. If it occurs on the brain, the affected people may have reduced level of consciousness, seizures, and long-term headache. The permanent damage will be experienced by the patients if it has bleeding on the joint.

Facts about Hemophilia 2: the types of hemophilia

Hemophilia is divided in two major types.  If the clotting factor IX is not enough, it will be classified into hemophilia B.  The hemophilia A occurs because of not enough clotting factor VIII. Other types of hemophilia include hemophilia C and parahaemophilia.

Hemophilia and Queen Victoria
Hemophilia and Queen Victoria

Facts about Hemophilia 3: inherited genes

Hemophilia is an inherited disease. One parent may inherit it to their children.

Facts about Hemophilia 4: association

Pregnancy, autoimmune disorders and cancers are always connected with the acquire hemophilia.

Hemophilia Facts
Hemophilia Facts

Facts about Hemophilia 5: diagnosis

To find out whether a person has hemophilia or not, the diagnosis should be conducted.  The test related to the level of clotting factor and ability of the blood to clot will be conducted. If a doctor gave you the wrong diagnosis and your condition got worse, you may have a claim for medical negligence based on a misdiagnosis.

Facts about Hemophilia 6: how to treat hemophilia

Hemophilia should be treated in a regular basis. The people who have mild hemophilia A may take desmopressin.

Hemophilia Image
Hemophilia Image

Facts about Hemophilia 7: the rate of hemophilia

Of 40,000 males, one is affected by haemophilia B.  On the other hand, haemophilia A occurs on 5,000 to 10,000.

Facts about Hemophilia 8: haemophilia C

Haemophilia A and B are mostly found in males. Both sexes can be affected by haemophilia C. The Ashkenazi Jews are mostly affected by this type of disease.


Facts about Hemophilia 9: royal families of Europe

Haemophilia was called as a royal disease for it affected many members of European royalty. Queen Victoria passed mutation of haemophilia B to Alice, Beatrica and Leopold.

Facts about Hemophilia 10: gene therapy

The person with moderate or mild haemophilia may have gene therapy to decrease the symptoms.

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