10 Interesting Facts about Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is one of the prominent characters in the world. Sanrio is the Japanese company, which produced this fictional character. The current designer of Hello Kitty is Yuko Yamaguchi. It was originally created by Yuko Shimizu. The first product, which featured this Japanese bobtail cat character, greeted the world with a “Hello”. Thus, it is known as Hello Kitty. In March 1975, Sanrio introduced Hello Kitty vinyl coin purse. In 1976, Hello Kitty was introduced to United States. Let us get other interesting facts about Hello Kitty below:

Facts about Hello Kitty 1: the popularity

Hello Kitty is very popular around the world. The value of Hello Kitty reaches $5 billion per year for its global marketing. In Japanese popular culture, Hello Kitty is included in kawaii segment.

Facts about Hello Kitty 2: the age of Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty was 40 years old in 2014. The worth of this character was $7 billion per year at that time.

Facts about Hello Kitty
Facts about Hello Kitty

Facts about Hello Kitty 3: the market

Actually, Hello Kitty was marketed for girls. Due to its amazing popularity, the marketing of this character is also for the adults.

Facts about Hello Kitty 4: products

Many products feature Hello Kitty. They include the high-end consumer products, fashion accessories such as what you will find at this louis vuitton bags sale online.

Hello Kitty Designer
Hello Kitty Designer

Facts about Hello Kitty 5: Hello Kitty TV series

Children also like to watch the Hello Kitty TV series. The target of the TV series is for kids.

Facts about Hello Kitty 6: theme parks

If your kids are fans of Hello Kitty, you can take them to Japan to spot the famous hello kitty themed parks developed by Sanrio. They are indoor Sanrio Puroland and Harmonyland.

Hello Kitty Facts
Hello Kitty Facts

Facts about Hello Kitty 7: the personality

Hello Kitty is not an overly sentimental character. She is funny and playful. During the history of Hello Kitty, Yuko Yamaguchi plays an important role in its development. She said that she was inspired by the TV, movies, and fashion to create a new design for Hello Kitty.

Facts about Hello Kitty 8: Hello Kitty branded products

Laptops and purses are the major branded products of Sanrio, which featured Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Pic
Hello Kitty Pic

Facts about Hello Kitty 9: the mature look

The mature look of Hello Kitty was spotted on 1994–1996 Face series.

Facts about Hello Kitty 10: the expansion of Hello Kitty products

Hello Kitty products are expanded into greeting cards, stickers, dolls, school supplies, accessories, clothes and many more.

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