10 Interesting Facts about Helium

If you love chemistry, you need to check Facts about Helium. It has the atomic number 2 and symbol He in the periodic table.  In the list of the noble gas group, it earns the first place.  Can you mention the characteristics of helium? This gas is inert, non-toxic, tasteless, odorless and colorless. This monatomic has accounted for 24 percent of total elemental mass.  Of all elements, helium has the lowest boiling point. Check other interesting facts about helium below:

Facts about Helium 1: helium in the universe

Helium is not only found on earth, but also in the universe. During Big Bang, helium was formed. Thus, it comes in the form of helium-4.  The nuclear fusion of hydrogen in the stars is the most common process, which produces large amount of helium.

Facts about Helium 2: the name

The name of the element is taken from Helios. It is a Greek god of Sun.

Facts about Helium
Facts about Helium

Facts about Helium 3: Jules Janssen

Jules Janssen was the French astronomer who detected the element when a solar eclipse took place in 1868. He spotted it as an unrecognized yellow spectral line. Norman Lockyer also observed this unknown element from Britain.

Facts about Helium 4: the formal discovery of helium

Per Teodor Cleve and Nils Abraham Langlet were the Swedish chemists who had the formal discovery of the element in 1895.

Helium Facts
Helium Facts

Facts about Helium 5: the largest supplier of helium

The largest supplier of helium today is United States. The natural gas fields, which contain large reserve of helium, were discovered in United States in 1903.

Facts about Helium 6: the uses of helium

Helium is commercially used for MRI Scanners. Almost 15 percent of helium production is used for cryogenics.


Facts about Helium 7: other uses

Helium is also used as to create silicon wafers from growing crystals. Helium is also used as a lifting gas in airships and balloons.

Facts about Helium 8: human voice

The human voice and timbre will be changed temporarily when they inhale a small amount of helium.

Helium Pictures
Helium Pictures

Facts about Helium 9: the production of helium

Almost 90 percent of the commercial helium in the world is produced by United States. The rest is produced by Russia, Poland and Canada.

Facts about Helium 10: the second leading producer

The second leading producer of helium was Algeria after a plant was built in the country.

Are you impressed after reading facts about helium?

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