10 Interesting Facts about Helios

Facts about Helios present the details about the Greek mythology. He is considered as the god of Sun. According to Hesiod, his mother is Titaness Theia, while his father is Titan Hyperion. Eos the dawn and Selene the moon are considered as the sisters of Helios. In Homeric Hymn 31, he is recognized as Euryphaessa. Get other facts about Helios by reading the below post.

Facts about Helios 1: the physical appearance

The physical appearance of Helios is handsome. He wears a crown with the shine of the sun. He rode a golden chariot.

Facts about Helios 2: the horses

The horses, which pulled the chariot of Helios, were named after fire. They are Phlegon, Aethon, Aeos and Pyrois.

Facts about Helios
Facts about Helios

Facts about Helios 3: Apollo

Helios is different from Apollo. Apollo is an Olympian, while Helios is a Titan. In the Roman mythology, Helios is known as Sol.

Facts about Helios 4: the story about Helios

The most notable story about Helios is related to Phaethon, his son. Phaethon made the earth on fire when he could not control the chariot of his father.

Helios Facts
Helios Facts

Facts about Helios 5: Panoptes

Panoptes is one of the many epithets that Helios has. It means the all-seeing for he can see anything. Helios finds out that Aphrodite and Ares have secret relationship. Helios tells Hephaestus about the infidelity of Aphrodite.

Facts about Helios 6: children

Helios has a number of children according to Oceanid Perse. They include Pasiphaƫ, Perses, Circe and Aeƫtes.

Helios Head
Helios Head

Facts about Helios 7: the sun cult

During the pre-Hellenic culture, worshipping the sun was considered as a common practice. However, Helios or Selene had not become the primary gods to worship by the ancient Athenians. Both were considered as minor gods in Greece for the Athenians were in favor with the Twelve Olympians.

Facts about Helios 8: the important cult of sun

Helios earned the status as the important god in the island of Rhodes. A quadriga was the major rite for the sun in the island where four horses would draw a chariot.


Facts about Helios 9: Colossus of Rhodes

Colossus of Rhodes was an important ancient structure. It was built to honor Helios. The people also celebrated his day by having a yearly gymnastic tournament.

Facts about Helios 10: Helios in other regions

Besides the island of Rhodes, the cult of Helios was also noticed in the acropolis of Corinth.

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