10 Interesting Facts about Helicopters

The air vehicle supplied by rotors is explained on Facts about Helicopters. This type of rotorcraft has the ability to fly backward and forward. It also has the ability to do landing and takeoff. Helicopter provides more flexibility than the vertical takeoff and landing aircraft and fixed-wing aircraft when releasing the isolated and congested areas. Let us get other interesting facts about helicopter below:

Facts about Helicopters 1: the term

In 1861, Gustave Ponton d’Amécourt coined the term hélicoptère. This French word then was adapted into an English word of helicopter. The word was originally from Greek words of helix and pteron. The latter one means wing, while the former one means convolution, whirl, spiral and helix.

Facts about Helicopters 2: nickname

The common name is helicopter. However, it also has a number of nicknames. They are whirlybird, heli, copter, helo and chopper.

facts about helicopter
facts about helicopter

Facts about Helicopters 3: the first operational helicopter

In 1937, the first helicopter was operated. It was Focke-Wulf Fw 61.

Facts about Helicopters 4: the full-scale production

The full-scale production of helicopter was made in 1942 due to the design of Igor Sikorsky. The production reached 131 aircraft. In the past, it only earned limited production.

helicopter pic
helicopter pic

Facts about Helicopters 5: the most common configuration

The most common configuration of a helicopter features a single main rotor and anti-torque tail rotor. The previous design has more than one main rotor. The helicopter with greater payload capacity was the tandem rotor helicopters.

Facts about Helicopters 6: the types of helicopters

Helicopters come in a number of types such as compound helicopters, tiltrotor aircraft and coaxial helicopters.


Facts about Helicopters 7: the uses of helicopter

Helicopter is used for various purposes such as for tourism, military uses, cargo transport, passenger transport, agriculture, law enforcement, medical transport, search and rescue, aerial observation, construction, news and media and firefighting.

Facts about Helicopters 8: an aerial crane

An aerial crane is a helicopter with long slings or cables used to carry loads.

helicopter facts
helicopter facts

Facts about Helicopters 9: the largest operation of helicopter

Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place in 1986. The disaster management involved the largest single non-combat helicopter.

Facts about Helicopters 10: the flight control inputs

The throttle, anti-torque pedals, collective and cyclic are the four flight control inputs of a helicopter.  This aircraft also has three basic flight operations. They are forward flight, hover and transition of both.

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