10 Interesting Facts about Hedgehogs

Spiny mammals are unique. One of them is hedgehog. It comes in five genera and 17 species in the world. You can find them spreading in Africa, Asia and Europe. It has been introduced in New Zealand. Americas do not have any native living species of Hedgehogs. On the other hand, Australia has no native species of Hedgehogs. The animals perform the nocturnal lifestyle. It means that they are active when the dark comes. Get facts about hedgehogs below:

Facts about Hedgehogs 1: the unique spiny body

The spiny body of hedgehogs is unique. It reminds you with other spiny animals like porcupines and echidnas.

Facts about Hedgehogs 2: the spines

Keratin is the prevalent component of hedgehog’s spines. They are not barbed.  When hedgehogs reach adulthood, the old spines will be replaced with new ones. The process is known as quilling. When hedgehogs are stressful or diseased, the spines also fall off.

Hedgehog Facts
Hedgehog Facts

Facts about Hedgehogs 3: defense mechanism

Spines are used for defense mechanism. All spines will point outwards when it rolls the body into a tight ball. The belly, feet and head will be protected by the quills. The efficiency of this defense mechanism is determined by the number of spines.

Facts about Hedgehogs 4: predators

The predators, which like to eat hedgehogs as their diet, include ferrets, owls, mongooses, wolves and foxes.

Facts about Hedgehogs
Facts about Hedgehogs

Facts about Hedgehogs 5: the lifestyle

As I have stated before, hedgehogs are nocturnal animal. They are less active during the day. They will spend the day by sleeping under the rocks, grasses and bushes.

Facts about Hedgehogs 6: hibernation

Hibernation is conducted by all wild hedgehogs. This habit is affected by the abundance of food, species and temperature.


Facts about Hedgehogs 7: communication

Hedgehogs develop a number of ways to communicate. They will squeal, snuffle or grunt to communicate.

Facts about Hedgehogs 8: omnivorous animals

Hedgehogs are included as omnivorous animals. They eat snakes, snails, insects, mushrooms, carrion, bird eggs, grass roots, watermelons, melons, berries, and frogs.


Facts about Hedgehogs 9: the body temperature

The body temperature of hedgehogs is reduced into 36 degrees F or 2 degrees C during the hibernation period.

Facts about Hedgehogs 10: the gestation period

The gestation period of hedgehogs is around 35 to 58 days.

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