10 Interesting Facts about Heat

Facts about Heat will give you interesting ideas about physics. The temperature difference leads into the energy flowing from one body. In conduction, the transfer of matter occurs because of a contact between destination body and source. The direction of the transfer is spotted by noticing the sign of heat quantity. Let us check other interesting facts about heat below:

Facts about Heat 1: the spontaneous flows

The spontaneous flows of heats occur from hot to cold. The refrigeration system is possible to create by having a heat pump, which can improve the temperature difference of two bodies.

Facts about Heat 2: measurement

Heat is measured in a number of energy units. Joule is considered as the standard one according to the SI or International System of Units.


Facts about Heat 3: how to measure heat

The effect on the states of interacting bodies will be used to measure heat. The heat measurement is noted on the temperature change and melted ice.

Facts about Heat 4: the natural heating process

One of the famous examples of natural heating process is the sun and earth. The earth is warm because of the heat and thermal radiation of the sun.

Facts about Heat
Facts about Heat

Facts about Heat 5: the temperature of earth

The temperature of earth is lower compared to that of the sun.

Facts about Heat 6: the theory of heat

One of the physicists who established the theory of heat was James Clerk Maxwell. His classic with the title Theory of Heat was published in 1871. He explained that matter in motion was related to heat.

Heat Pic
Heat Pic

Facts about Heat 7: the recommended book

John Tyndall wrote Heat as a Mode of Motion. This book was recommended by Maxwell for those who wanted to know more about heat.

Facts about Heat 8: radiation

The radiation occurs when a hot body loses heat and the colder body receives the heat. It occurs on the sun and earth. Conduction occurs when there is a contact between the hot and cold bodies.

Heat Pictures
Heat Pictures

Facts about Heat 9: convection

The transportation of internal energy occurs in convection according to thermodynamics.

Facts about Heat 10: the heat engine

The heat engine consists of four parts. They are the world reservoir, cold reservoir, hot reservoir and working body.

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