10 Interesting Facts about Heart

Facts about Heart talk about the muscular organ of human being. It plays an important part in the circulatory system for the blood will be pumped by the heart to the blood vessels. The blood should flow along the vessels for it contains nutrients and oxygen for the body. The metabolic waste is also removed from the body due to the assistance of heart. Do you know the location of heart inside the human body? It is at the middle part of the chest between the lungs. Check other interesting facts about heart from a trusted vascular specialist in New Jersey below:

Facts about Heart 1: the division of heart

There are four chambers in heart of humans, birds and other mammals. It has lower left and right ventricles and upper right and left atria.

Facts about Heart 2: the right and left heart

The term left heart is used to call the left parts. The right heart is defined by the right atrium and ventricle.

Facts about Heart
Facts about Heart

Facts about Heart 3: the heart wall

There are three layers of heart wall. They are endocardium, myocardium and epicardium.

Facts about Heart 4: a rhythm

A group of pacemaking cells will determine a rhythm of heart when pumping the blood.

Heart Pic
Heart Pic

Facts about Heart 5: the heart beat

The rate of heartbeat is around 72 beats per minute when a human being is at rest.

Facts about Heart 6: the importance of having exercise

It is recommended for the people to exercise because the resting heart rate will be decreased in the long term even though the heart rate will be increased temporarily. That is why the heart will be healthier.

Facts about Heart
Facts about Heart

Facts about Heart 7: CVD

CVD stands for cardiovascular disease. In 2008, it was considered as the most prevalent cause of global death. It made up 30 percent death in the world.  Most of them were mostly caused by stroke and coronary artery disease.

Facts about Heart 8: the risk factors of heart diseases

The high cholesterol, little exercise, overweight, obesity, poor diet, high blood pressure and smoking may affect the way heart works Another tip according to this Resurge review, taking fat burner supplemetns wich combined with a good diet will tae you out of risk.

Heart Facts
Heart Facts

Facts about Heart 9:  the sign or symptom

Shortness of breath and chest pain is the two most prevalent symptoms of heart disease. In most cases, no symptoms are identified.

Facts about Heart 10: diagnosis

The ultrasound, ECG, and stethoscope can be used to listen to the heart sounds. The physician will also look at the medical history of the patients.

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