10 Interesting Facts about Heart Transplants

The heart transplant might be performed. This procedure is also called as a cardiac transplant due to the surgical or medical treatment on the severe coronary artery disease or final stage of heart failure. The procedure involves a transplantation of a functioning heart from an organ donor into the patient. The procedures come in a number of options. Heterotopic procedure is defined as a heart transplant where the diseased heart is not fully removed. However, it will be supported with the donor heart. Orthotropic procedure is performed by replacing the diseased heart of the patient with a donor heart. Thus, the patient’s heart will be completely removed. Check other interesting facts about heart transplant below:

Facts about Heart Transplants 1: the number of procedures

The number of heart transplant procedures reached 3500 cases per year. Almost 50 percent of them are conducted in United States.

Facts about Heart Transplants 2: the survival period

The survival period of the patient who has followed the procedure is around 15 years.

Facts about Heart Transplant
Facts about Heart Transplant

Facts about Heart Transplants 3: the function

What is the function of heart transplant? It is used to increase the quality of life of the patient with heart disease says an Adelaide cardiologist. It can save the life of the patient even though it will not cure the heart disease.

Facts about Heart Transplants 4: Simon Flexner

Simon Flexner was the American medical researcher who mentioned the possibility of transplanting heart.

facts about heart transplant
facts about heart transplant

Facts about Heart Transplants 5: the paper

The paper of Flexer was entitled “Tendencies in Pathology” where he believed that it was possible to substitute the diseased organ of human with a healthy one, which could be performed on heart, kidney, stomach and arteries.

Facts about Heart Transplants 6: the father of heart transplantation

Who is the father of heart transplantation? He is Norman Shumway. Christian Barnard was the cardiac surgeon from South Africa who performed the first adult human heart transplant in the world. Shumway and Richard Lower developed the Barnard techniques.

heart transplant facts
heart transplant facts

Facts about Heart Transplants 7: Louis Washkansky

On 3rd December 1967, Louis Washkansky had the first heart transplant performed by Barnard at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.

Facts about Heart Transplants 8: the first pediatric heart transplant

On 6th December 1967, the first pediatric heart transplant in the world was performed by Adrian Kantrowitz in Brooklyn, New York at Maimonides Hospital.  The operation was considered as a failure because the infant passed away six hours later.

heart transplant pic
heart transplant pic

Facts about Heart Transplants 9: the heart transplant of Norman Shumway

On 6h January 1968, Shumway performed the first adult heart transplant at Stanford University Hospital in United States.

Facts about Heart Transplants 10: the heart transplant center

The largest heart transplant center in the world is located at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. In 2015, it performed 132 adult heath transplants.


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