10 Interesting Facts about Headphones

Facts about Headphones talk about a pair of small electric or electronic listening devices. People like to wear headphones when listening to music. The users just have to put the headphones on the ears. It is the perfect device for those who want to hear the audio source privately without others listening to the audio source. When you are in a train with many people, you can use headphone to listen to music via your iPod or cell phones without interrupting others.

Facts about Headphones 1: loudspeaker

Loudspeaker and headphones are different. The sound will be emitted to the open air by the former one. All people will hear the sound.

Facts about Headphones 2: other terms

Headphones are also called in different terms such as earphones or earspeakers. The colloquial name is cans.

Facts about Headphones
Facts about Headphones

Facts about Headphones 3: the common types of headphones

There are two major types of headphones. The term earphones or earbuds is used to define the headphones worn on the ear canal of the users. It comes in an individual unit. Another type is the supra-aural or circumaural headphones. The speakers will be held in place due to the presence of a band at the top of the user’s head.

Facts about Headphones 4: a headset

Another important term of headphone is a headset. The microphone and headphone are combined in a headset.

Headphones Facts
Headphones Facts

Facts about Headphones 5: connection

The signal source from a mobile phone, CD player, radio, audio amplifier, electronic music instrument, video game console and portable media player can be connected to headphones.

Facts about Headphones 6: the connection system

You can connect headphones using FM radio, Bluetooth or a cord. The former two ones are included in wireless technology.

Headphones Pic
Headphones Pic

Facts about Headphones 7: the development of the first headphones

The telephones operators developed the first headphones in the end of 1800s. The objective was for a hand-free mode.

Facts about Headphones 8: the importance of headphones

Headphone is very important for the life of modern people.  They will wear it to listen to music in public space such as in public transit, train station, grocery stores or even sidewalks.


Facts about Headphones 9: the professional sphere

Headphone is also important for the people who work in professional field such as DJs and audio engineers in sound recording and live concerts.

Facts about Headphones 10: other professions

Other professions, which use headphones, include call center employers and pilots.

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