10 Interesting Facts about Head Lice

Look at the following Facts about Head Lice if you want to know the ectoparasite on human head. The head lice infestation is caused by the presence of head lice on the hair of human being. The biological name of head lice is Pediculus humanus capitis. Their main diet is the human blood. They settle on the human scalp to live. These insects do not have any wings. This species of lice is the only one, which live on the human head as a parasite.

Facts about Head Lice 1: the wingless insects

As I have stated before, head lice is a wingless insect. However, you have to be careful since it may affect other people.

Facts about Head Lice 2: the eggs

Head lice will attach their eggs on the hair strains not on the clothes. Thus, it is different from the body louse.

Facts about Head Lice
Facts about Head Lice

Facts about Head Lice 3: pediculosis

Pediculosis is a term to call the lice infestation, which occurs, in any body parts.

Facts about Head Lice 4: diseases

Head lice are different from the body lice. The latter one may carry diseases, which affect the host. However, people always want to get rid of the head lice.

Head Lice Pic
Head Lice Pic

Facts about Head Lice 5: lice shampoo

The lice shampoo is available in the market. If you think that you are contaminated with head lice, make sure that you already have used the lice shampoo to kill it.

Facts about Head Lice 6: a cosmetic problem

When a person had head lice on their head, it is not included in medical condition because head lice are harmless to human being. It is just a matter of cosmetic condition.

Head Lice Eggs
Head Lice Eggs

Facts about Head Lice 7: the adult head lice

The length of adult head lice is measured at 2.5 to 3 mm. It has the flat body structure. The seven visible segments are found at the abdomen of head lice.

Facts about Head Lice 8: the body color

The environment will determine the body color of head lice. In general, they have grey color. The body will appear reddish after it consumes enough blood.

Head Lice
Head Lice

Facts about Head Lice 9: the mouth

Head lice will use their mouth when sucking the blood from the head of human.

Facts about Head Lice 10: laying the eggs

There will be three to four eggs laid by the females every single day. It will attach the eggs 15 cm from the scalp surface if it lives in warm climate.

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