10 Interesting Facts about Hawks

Facts about Hawks impress with a group of medium sized bird of prey.  It has varied sizes. The birds are diurnal. The sharp-shinned hawk, sparrowhawks, goshawks and other hawks are included in the subfamily Accipitrinae.  The major prey for accipitrine hawks is birds. Thus, hawks are included as birds of prey. These hawks are found in woodland habitat. That is why people call them wood-hawks and hen-hawks. The genera found in Accipitrinae subfamily include chanting Doria’s goshawk, long-tailed hawk and Gabar goshawk. Check other interesting facts about hawks below:

Facts about Hawks 1: Louis Lefebvre

Louis Lefebvre was an ornithologist from Canada who introduced the method to measure the IQ of birds by checking their feeding habits in February 2005. According to his scale, hawk is included in the list of the most intelligent birds.

Facts about Hawks 2: eyesight

The eye of hawks features four types of color receptors.  Thus, hawks have the ability to spot ultraviolet spectrum, visible range, magnetic field and polarized light. The retina of hawks contains higher number of photoreceptors. Human being only has 200,000 photoreceptors. On the other hand, Buteo hawks have 1,000,000 per square mm.

Facts about Hawks
Facts about Hawks

Facts about Hawks 3: the body size

The male is slightly smaller than the female. Hawks are amazing hunters with their sharp vision.

Facts about Hawks 4: migration

In the fall and spring seasons, hawks will migrate just like other birds.  From August to December, the hawks begin their autumn migration.


Facts about Hawks 5: destination

It will be great if the hawks can reach the destination as soon as possible during the migration. They will be the first birds, which can get food, living place and mates.

Facts about Hawks 6: fat

Fat is very important to support the migration process of hawks.  The chance to have a safer and better trip is experienced by birds with more body fat.

Hawks Pic
Hawks Pic

Facts about Hawks 7: flight direction

Another important factor of migration for hawks to notice is the flight direction.

Facts about Hawks 8: Hawk watching

Hawkwatching is an activity conducted by people who want to get data related to the migration of hawks.


Facts about Hawks 9: hawks in North America

In North America, the most common hawks are the red-tailed hawks. They can be seen living in the fields or desert.

Facts about Hawks 10: distribution of hawks

Besides North America, hawks are also found in Jamaica, West Indies, and Central Americas.

Are you fascinated after reading facts about hawks?

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