10 Interesting Facts about Harvard University

Facts about Harvard University tell the readers about one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The private Ivy League university was founded in 1636. There are a number of factors, which make Harvard University famous in the world. The factors include its wealth, influence, and history. Let us find out other interesting facts about Harvard University in the following post below:

Facts about Harvard University 1: the first benefactor

The first benefactor of Harvard University was John Harvard. The university was named after him. Massachusetts legislature was the original founder of Harvard University.

Facts about Harvard University 2: the first chartered corporation

The first chartered corporation of Harvard was Harvard Corporation. The formal name is President and Fellows of Harvard College.

Facts about Harvard University
Facts about Harvard University

Facts about Harvard University 3: the secularized institution

In 18th century, the secularization was applied on the student body and curriculum of Harvard. The Unitarian and Congregationalist clergy was trained during the early education in the college.

Facts about Harvard University 4: as a modern research university

It became a modern research university after the American Civil War ended by President Charles W. Eliot.

Harvard University Pic
Harvard University Pic

Facts about Harvard University 5: the organization

There are 11 separate academic units to organize Harvard University. It consists of Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study and 10 faculties. The Boston Metropolitan area features the campuses of Harvard University.

Facts about Harvard University 6: the main campus

Do you know the location of the main campus of Harvard University? It is located on Harvard Yard in Cambridge, which covers the area of 85 hectares or 209 acres of land.

Harvard University Pictures
Harvard University Pictures

Facts about Harvard University 7: the facilities

One of the impressive facilities is located in Harvard Stadium. The Longwood Medical Area features the public health, dental and medical schools.

Facts about Harvard University 8: Harvard Library

Harvard Library is the private library system, which earns the status as the largest academic library in the world. It has at least 18 million volumes of books.

Harvard University
Harvard University

Facts about Harvard University 9: the famous alumni

Harvard is a prestigious university for it has produced many notable people, which include 13 Turing Awards winners, 62 living billionaires, and 8 presidents of United States.

Facts about Harvard University 10: staffs

Harvard University employs 2,400 instructors, lecturers and professors.

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