10 Interesting Facts about Hartlepool

Facts about Hartlepool will talk about a town located in County Durham, England. Elwick, Greatham and Seaton Carew are the villages located in Borough of Hartlepool. The establishment of Hartlepool was traced back in seventh century AD. The County of Palatine of Durham was served by the harbor of Hartlepool. During the middle Ages, the town was well developed. In the end of 19th century, Hartlepool marked the beginning of shipbuilding industry and industrialization. Check other interesting facts about Hartlepool in the below post:

Facts about Hartlepool 1: during the World War 1

During the World War 1, Hartlepool became the main subject of Imperial German Navy because of the importance of the town to the shipbuilding industry.

Facts about Hartlepool 2: the dead people

The dead people in Hartlepool reached 117 individuals when Hartlepool was bombed by 1,150 shells on December 16th, 1914.

Facts about Hartlepool
Facts about Hartlepool

Facts about Hartlepool 3: the unemployment

The unemployment took place in Hartlepool after the World War 2 due to the decline in the shipbuilding and heavy industries. The prospect of Hartlepool was increased after redevelopment and investment projects.

Facts about Hartlepool 4: the nearby cities and towns

Hartlepool is located near a number of towns and cities such as Peterlee, Darlington, Middlesbrough, Durham, Sunderland, Seaham, and Sedgefield.

Hartlepool Facts
Hartlepool Facts

Facts about Hartlepool 5: in the beginning of 19th century

Hartlepool was only occupied by 900 individuals by the beginning of 19th century. The port at that time was in decline.

Facts about Hartlepool 6: the former town center

The former town center was located nearby Lynn Street. However, it was taken over by the shopping center. By 1974, the new shopping center was occupied by most shops and market from Lynn Street.

Hartlepool Pictures
Hartlepool Pictures

Facts about Hartlepool 7: a new housing estate

A new housing estate was established on Lynn Street. That’s why the buildings around the street were demolished. The Lynn Street North located at the north edge of the street still exists.

Facts about Hartlepool 8: the loss of jobs

The number of lost jobs in Hartlepool was 1500 due to the closing of Hartlepool steelworks in 1977.


Facts about Hartlepool 9: electoral wards

Hartlepool has 11 electoral wards after the introduction of boundary changes in 2012.

Facts about Hartlepool 10: educational institutions

Five secondary schools are available in Hartlepool. They are St Hild’s Church of England School, Manor Community Academy, English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College, Dyke House Sports and Technology College and High Tunstall College of Science.

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