10 Interesting Facts about Harry Truman

Facts about Harry Truman will present the information about the 33rd President of US. He was born on 8th May 1884 and died on 26th December 1972. Harry S. Truman got the presidential office after Franklin D. Roosevelt died in the Second World War. One of his famous policies was the Marshall Plan.  The main objective of the program was to restore the Western European economy.  He is also known to interfere Korean War and established Truman Doctrine and NATO, which led into the Cold War against China and Soviet Union. Let us find out other interesting facts about Harry Truman below:

Facts about Harry Truman 1: the veto power

Truman was known for using the veto power for 180 times. During his presidency, the Congress was dominated by the conservatives. Thus, his liberal proposals were mostly rejected by the Congress. Actually, he just continued the New Deal program established by Roosevelt.

Facts about Harry Truman 2: nuclear weapons

The Second World War ended because of the use of nuclear weapons commissioned by Truman. During his presidency, he was a founder of UN.  Israel, which appeared as a newly independent nation, was supported by Truman.

facts about Harry S. Truman pic
facts about Harry S. Truman pic

Facts about Harry Truman 3: the birthplace

The birthplace of Truman was located in Lamar, Missouri. His family owned a farm located near Independence where Truman spent most of his early years.

Facts about Harry Truman 4: as an artillery officer

Truman was an artillery officer in National Guard Unit of France at the end of the First World War.

Harry S. Truman facts
Harry S. Truman facts

Facts about Harry Truman 5: the life after the war

After the First World War ended, Truman was in Kansas City, Missouri where he ran a haberdashery.

Facts about Harry Truman 6: political career

In 1922, he became a county official after winning the election for public office. In 1934, he earned the position as a senator in United States.

Harry S. Truman pic
Harry S. Truman pic

Facts about Harry Truman 7: the national prominence

In March 1941, Truman Committee was established where Truman seated as the chair. It made him rise to fame. The primary objective of Truman Committee was to find out the problems in Federal Government wartime contracts.

Facts about Harry Truman 8: Vice President

Truman became a Vice President of United States in 1945. Due to the death of Roosevelt, he assumed the presidential office on 12th April 1945.

facts about Harry S. Truman
facts about Harry S. Truman

Facts about Harry Truman 9: the atomic bombs

The use of atomic bombs was approved by Truman during the Second World War against Japanese.

Facts about Harry Truman 10:  the base of political coalition

The base of his political coalition is the traditional democrats who lived in the North, ethnic groups, farmers, labor unions, and white South.

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