10 Interesting Facts about Harps

The notable classical musical instrument is explained on Facts about Harps.  The strings will be plucked using fingers. This musical instrument is not new for it has been played in various parts of the world like in Europe, Africa and Asia since the antiquity. The instrument was traced back since 3500 BC. In the middle Ages and Renaissance Period, it earned a great deal of popularity. A number of ancient members of harp family had been extinct in South Asia and Near East Asia. However, parts of Africa and Burma still employ the ancient harp. Look at the below post for details about harps.

Facts about Harps 1: the variations

Harps are available in a number of variations.  You can choose the large harps, which have to be set on the floor. They are very heavy and bulky. The smaller harps are light. You can place it on the lap to play the harp.

Facts about Harps 2: the strings

Harps consist of a number of individual strings. They can be made of metal, nylon, catgut or mixed materials.

facts about Harp
facts about Harp

Facts about Harps 3: the primary component of harps

Can you mention the primary components of harps? They include strings, resonators and neck. The open harps do not have any pillar at the long end. On the other hand, the frame harps need a pillar for supporting the strings.

Facts about Harps 4: modern harps

The modern harps are filled with advanced technology.  The pitch can be modified by the player vie the pedals or levers.

Harp pic
Harp pic

Facts about Harps 5: the shape of harps

Wood is the primary material, which creates the frame of harps. It comes in triangular. Nylon is mostly found as the strings of modern harps.

Facts about Harps 6: pedals and levers

The modern harps with pedals and levers usually are more expensive, heavier and more complex than the standard harps.

Harp pictures
Harp pictures

Facts about Harps 7: the earliest forms of harps

The earliest forms of harps were traced back in 3500 BC in Sumer. The royal tombs and burial pits in Ur featured a number of ancient harps.

Facts about Harps 8: the variants of harps

The harp and its variants were described in Tamil Sangham literature dated back in 200 BC. The number of strings was 14 to 17 on the variants of harps.

Harp facts
Harp facts

Facts about Harps 9: the popularity of harps

The ancient China and nearby regions played harp as a popular instrument. In the modern era, it was extinct.

Facts about Harps 10: the strong harp tradition

The strong harp tradition was spotted in Venezuela, Andean region, Mexico and Paraguay.

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