10 Interesting Facts about Harlem New York

Read Facts about Harlem New York to find out the details about a large neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City. It covers the northern area. Harlem is always noted due to the African American culture and residences. The formal organization of Harlem took place in 1658. Actually, it was a Dutch village. Its name is taken from a city in the Netherlands called Haarlem. In 1905, Harlem received a major population of African American people.

Facts about Harlem New York 1: Harlem Renaissance

When we talk about the history of Harlem, we should never forget Harlem Renaissance, which took place in 1920s and 1930s. The American black community at that time was famous with their artistic works.

Facts about Harlem New York 2: poverty and crimes

The rate of poverty and crime rose significantly during the Great Depression. Many people lost their jobs. After the Second World War, New York City was de-industrialized. In 1950s, the African American population was peaked in Harlem.

Facts about Harlem New York
Facts about Harlem New York

Facts about Harlem New York 3: business

It played an important role as the business center for African American people in the latter half of 20th century.

Facts about Harlem New York 4: the African American population in 2008

It was very surprising to know that only 40 percent of the Harlem population in 2008 was African American people. In the past, Harlem was always dominated by the black people.

Harlem New York Facts
Harlem New York Facts

Facts about Harlem New York 5: actors and theater companies

During the Harlem Renaissance, Harlem had been the center of many notable actors and theater companies such as Rose McClendon Players, Lafayette Players, New Heritage Repertory Theater and American Negro Theater.

Facts about Harlem New York 6: Apollo Theater

A former burlesque house was turned into an Apollo Theater on 26 January 1934 in Harlem on 125th Street.

Harlem New York Pic
Harlem New York Pic

Facts about Harlem New York 7: entertainment places

Entertainment places dominated central Harlem between Lenox and Seventh Avenues in 1920s and 1930s. The cafes, cellars, speakeasies, supper clubs, dance halls, theaters, rib joints, lounges, bars and grills, and taverns were found here. If it’s your first time in New York, visiting museums in Mineola is a great activity to do especially if you’re a history buff.

Facts about Harlem New York 8: Swing Street

Swing Street was located on 133rd Street where it housed jazz scenes, speakeasies and cabarets.

Harlem New York
Harlem New York

Facts about Harlem New York 9: the jazz venues

Only the white people were prohibited to access the Jazz venues in Connie’s Inn and Cotton Club.

Facts about Harlem New York 10: religion

The people in Harlem are religious people. You can spot at least 400 churches. Methodists, Pentecostals, Roman Catholic, Baptists and African Methodist Episcopalian are the major Christian denominations in Harlem.

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