10 Interesting Facts about Hanuman

One of the important figures in Hinduism is elaborated on Facts about Hanuman. In the Hindu epic of Ramayana, Hanuman is a central figure. He devotes his life for Rama. The presence of Hanuman is also spotted in other texts like in a number of Jain texts, Puranas and Mahabharata. The famous appearance of Hanuman was when he assisted Rama to fight King Ravana who kidnapped Sita.

Facts about Hanuman 1: the origin of Hanuman

The parents of Hanuman are Anjana and Kesari. Some texts state that Hanuman is the incarnation of Shiva. Other sources state that Pawan, the wing god is the father of Hanuman.

Facts about Hanuman 2: the birthplace of Hanuman

The birthplace of Hanuman was located in Anjaneri Mountain. Anjana, the mother of Hanuman was born to earth because of a curse. She was an apsara. She gave birth to a son to redeem the curse.

facts about Hanuman
facts about Hanuman

Facts about Hanuman 3: the father of Hanuman

Kesari was the father of Hanuman according to Valmiki Ramayana. Brihaspati, the king of Sumeru was the father of Kesari.

Facts about Hanuman 4: intense praying

It was not easy for Anjana to get a child. She had to wait for 12 years by praying to Shiva intensively. She was awarded with a son after devoting herself for Shiva. Some sources believe that Hanuman actually was the incarnation of Shiva.

Hanuman Pictures
Hanuman Pictures

Facts about Hanuman 5: the Wind God

Other sources believe that the wind god, Vayu is the father of Hanuman. King Dasharatha of Ayodhya had Putrakama yagna ritual to get children. At the same time, Anjana was worshipping Shiva.  The king got payasam or sacred pudding. He gave the pudding to his three wives, which resulted to the birth of Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughna.  Anjana got the fragment of the pudding through a kite flying over the forest. Then she had Hanuman.

Facts about Hanuman 6: the birthplace

A theory finds out that the birthplace of Hanuman was located in Hampi, Karnataka on Anjaneya Hill.


Facts about Hanuman 7: the sun

Hanuman was interested to reach the sun for believed that it was a ripe mongo.

Facts about Hanuman 8: mischievous child

Hanuma was depicted as a mischievous child. The articles of worships found on the forest were often disturbed by Hanuman.

Hanuman Facts
Hanuman Facts

Facts about Hanuman 9: a mild curse

Hanuman received a mild curse due to his mischief. He had to be reminded by other person to remember his ability.

Facts about Hanuman 10: the adventures of Hanuman

The adventures of Hanuman were explained mostly in the fifth book of Ramayana, Sundara Kanda.

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