10 Interesting Facts about Hanuman

Facts about Hanuman will inform you about gods of Hindus. Hanumat is the other name of Hanuman. Sometimes, he is also called as Anjaneya. Anjaya and Kenari are the parents’ name of Hanuman. As we know that Hanuman is a man with the monkey’s face and has a tail. The other facts about Hanuman will be explained below.

Facts about Hanuman 1: Incarnation of Shiva

Hanuman is incarnation of Shiva. He also participated in the war of Rama. The demon king Ravana was his enemy.

Facts about Hanuman 2: Anjaya

As we know that Anjaya is Hanuman’s mother. Actualy, Anjaya was an angel but she was cursed by a sage become a vanara ( human which has tail like a monkey). She met Kenari ( the monkey king ) and got married with him. Both of them were doing asceticism to the Lord Shiva in order to make him reincarnated becomes their son. Happily, Lord Shiva agreed with their request and turned to earth became Hanuman.

Anjaya (Hanuman's mother)
Anjaya (Hanuman’s mother)

Facts about Hanuman 3: The meaning of Hanuman’s name

Hanu means Jaw in the Sanskrit and man means disfigured. So, the meaning of Hanuman is disfigured jaw.

Facts about Hanuman 4: Hanuman’s promise

Hanuman had a promise to Rama. He said that he would stay on earth to protect Dharma.

Facts about Hanuman 5: The fighting between Hanuman and Rama

Rama was asked by Guru Vishwamitra’s to kill Yayati. However, Yayati asked Hanuman to help her. Because of the Hanuman’s vow to protect Hayati. He has to fight with Rama. Hanuman did not want to fight with weapon and he won the battle.

Facts about Hanuman 6: Hanuman rejected the gift from Sita

Sita gave gift ( pearl necklace ) to Hanuman because of his kindness in the Ravana’s war. However, Sita offended with Hanuman due to he rejected her gift. Hanuman explained to Sita that he refused her gift because it was devoid of the name of Rama.

Facts about Hanuman 7: Sanjevaani herb

Hanuman was asked by Rama to find Sanjevaani herb. Because only the herb that can save the life of Laxman.

Facts about Hanuman 8: Sindoor in all over Hanuman’s body

The curiosity of Hanuman about Sita Devi makes him wear Sindoor. Hanuman asked Sita Devi about why she always wear Sindoor on the forehead. Then, Sita Devi said that wearing Sindoor is a ritual after married. Besides, it can make her more powerful and prosperous. That is why he wore Sindoor all over his body. It is also believed that somene will not face obstacles in life when he/ she offer the Sindoor to Hanuman.

 Sindoor all over his body
Sindoor all over his body

Facts about Hanuman 9: Makardhwaja

As we know that there are many version of Hanuman’s story. Now, we are going to talk about son of Hanuman named Makardhwaja. One of the story told that Makardhwaja comes from the sea. Burning Lankapuri is a tiresome job. After do that, he felt tired. A drop of sweat from his body fell out and entered into the fish’s mouth and made it became pregnant.

Facts about Hanuman 10: Hanuman rescued Shani Dheva

Hanuman was caught by Ravana’s people while he wanted to rescued Shani Dheva. However, he never afraid due to he believed with his own skill. Ravana’s people had an idea to burn the tail of Hanuman. He was tied and there were many cloth around his tail. The cloth was dipped in the oil and fire in order to make the cloth was burned out faster. However, Hanuman ran and flew through every corners of the Kingdom and made the Kingdom was burned out. After that, Sani Dheva was found in the Ravana’s underground room. He helped her to escape from the palace.

Hanuman rescued Shani Dheva
Hanuman rescued Shani Dheva

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