10 Interesting Facts about Hank Aaron

Facts about Hank Aaron inform the readers with Henry Louis Hank Aaron. He was born on 5th February 1934. His nickname is “Hammerin’ Hank” or Hammer. He was famous as a right fielder in MLB or Major League Baseball in United States. Now he serves as the senior vice president of Atlanta Braves. His full name is Henry Louis Aaron. In NL or National League, he played for Milwaukee or Atlanta Braves for 21 seasons.  Then he played in AL or American League for Milwaukee Brewers.  Here are other interesting facts about Hank Aaron to notice:

Facts about Hank Aaron 1:  the impressive record

Aaron was an impressive player in MLB. For around 33 years, he held the record for the home runs. Some offensive records of Aaron are still unbreakable until today.

Facts about Hank Aaron 2: the number of home runs

In 1955 until 1973, Aaron had at least 24 home runs per year. That is why he had an impressive record.

Hank Aaron 1960
Hank Aaron 1960

Facts about Hank Aaron 3: the Greatest Baseball Player

Do you know that he was included in the list of 100 Greatest Baseball Players? He took the fifth spot according to the list of Sporting News.

Facts about Hank Aaron 4: the early life

The birthplace of Aaron was located in Mobile, Alabama. Tommie Aaron was the sibling of Hank who also played in MLB.

Hank Aaron
Hank Aaron

Facts about Hank Aaron 5: before the major league career

Before he had the major league career, Aaron played for minor league baseball and Negro American League.

Facts about Hank Aaron 6: the position

The position of Aaron when playing baseball was in the right field. However, you can also see he filled the spot of outfield and infield. He became a designated hitter during the last two seasons of his career.

Hank Aaron Facts
Hank Aaron Facts

Facts about Hank Aaron 7:  the achievement

He won a Gold Glove for three seasons. In 1955 until 1975, he was selected for an AL All-Star for one season and an NL All-Star for 20 seasons.

Facts about Hank Aaron 8: the post- retirement

Aaron works for Atlanta Braves by filling the spot in the front office roles after he retired playing baseball.

Facts about Hank Aaron
Facts about Hank Aaron

Facts about Hank Aaron 9: honor

In 2002, Aaron received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Facts about Hank Aaron 10: Hall of Fame

In 1982, his name was inducted at National Baseball Hall of Fame.

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