10 Interesting Facts about Handball

Have you ever heard about handball? Do you know what is it? Facts about Handball will inform you about sports which use ball as an equipment to play it. Handball becomes the largest second sport in Europe. There are two teams of this sport, each team consist of 7 players (one of the player becomes a goalkeeper). Actually, handball team looks like football team. Besides, this sport need an hour of playing and divided into two part (30-minutes halves) with break at halftime (15 minutes). Here are ten interesting facts about Handball.

Facts about Handball 1: What is handball?

As we know that handball is very rare sport which is known by many people. They get difficulties to explain what is handball. However, many people said that handball is combination of basketball, football, and water polo.

Facts about Handball 2: The size of the court

Approximately, the size of the court is around 40 meters by 20 meters. It is bigger than a basketball court and has the same size with indoor soccer.

The handball court
The handball court

Facts about Handball 3: The score

The scoring of handball is similar with football. Whereas the dribbling skills of handball is combination with basketball. Can you imagine?

Facts about Handball 4: The referee

Every game certainly has referee. Like other sports, it also happens in handball. However, there are two referees who lead the game. They are goal line referee and court referee.

Handball referee
Handball referee

Facts about Handball 5: The rules

Handball has rather similar rules with basketball. Handball player cannot hold the ball more than 3 seconds and cannot move more than 3 steps while hold the ball.

Facts about Handball 6: Beach handball

Like volleyball, handball also has beach handball. People usually play it in the sand court and it makes many people want to join to play it. Let’s try to play beach handball guys!

Beach handball
Beach handball

Facts about Handball 7: American version

One step moving is done before passing the ball to another player is one of the rule in American version.

Facts about Handball 8: The size of the ball

There are different size of ball between men’s, women’s handball, and also for children. The ball of chidren is smaller and softer than men’s and women’s ball. It is made soft in order to aboid injuries.

Handball ball size
Handball ball size

Facts about Handball 9: The fastest game in the world?

Is handball the fastest game in the world? No, because the fastest game in the world is Ice hockey. However, handball becomes the second fastest game around the world.

Facts about Handball 10: The goalkeeper

As we know that there are different rules between goalkeeper and players. One of the rule is about the goal line. When the goalkeeper can stay in the goal line, the players even cannot pass the goal line although the goalkeeper move outside from it.

Handball goalkeeper
Handball goalkeeper

We have talked facts about Handball. Do you know other facts about it? Hopefully this article will help you to know more about handball and make you to try this interesting game. Enjoy reading.

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