10 Interesting Facts about Hammurabi

Facts about Hammurabi narrate the story about the prominent Babylonian King. According to Middle Chronology, he became the king from 1792 BC until 1750 BC. In the First Babylonian Dynasty, he was the sixth king.  He was born circa 1810 BC and died in 1750 BC. Sin-Muballit was the father of Hammurabi. Due to the failing health, his father was abdicated from the throne. Hammurabi had a number of military campaigns to extend his controlled areas in Mesopotamia. Let us find out other interesting facts about Hammurabi below:

Facts about Hammurabi 1: Code of Hammurabi

Code of Hammurabi is the most remembered law about him. It contains some laws of Hammurabi to rule his kingdom.

Facts about Hammurabi 2: the fertile agricultural land

The fertile agricultural land was the primary thing to control by city-states in Mesopotamia. Thus, the city-states were engaged in military campaign to get the fertile land.

Hammurabi Facts
Hammurabi Facts

Facts about Hammurabi 3: the importance of Babylonian culture

The Babylonian culture earns a special status despite the many cultures in Mesopotamia. When Hammurabi became the king, the Babylonian culture spread up to Middle East.

Facts about Hammurabi 4: other powerful kingdoms

Even though Babylonian Kingdom under Hammurabi was prominent and powerful, other kingdoms like Isin, Assyria and Elam still overshadowed it.

Hammurabi Map
Hammurabi Map

Facts about Hammurabi 5: the throne for Hammurabi

The geopolitical situation was complex when Hammurabi got the throne as the Babylonian King. He only had a small kingdom. The river delta had been controlled by Larsa. The upper Tigris River was controlled by Kingdom of Eshnunna. Another powerful kingdom was Elam. The small states located in southern Mesopotamia were often forced to pay tributes to them.

Facts about Hammurabi 6: the early reign of Hammurabi

The condition of his kingdom was peaceful during the early decades of his reign. The public works were extensively performed under the commission of Hammurabi. The temples were expanded, while the city walls were heightened for defense.


Facts about Hammurabi 7: an alliance

Hammurabi had an alliance with kingdom Larsa when kingdom of Elam tried to invade his Babylonian kingdom. Most military efforts were conducted by his kingdom. Thus, he broke down the alliance and began to establish allies with Mari and Yamhad.

Facts about Hammurabi 8: all Mesopotamia regions

Hammurabi was successful to extend his power in all Mesopotamia regions by having military invasion and campaigns.

Facts about Hammurabi
Facts about Hammurabi

Facts about Hammurabi 9: Assyrian kingdom

During his reign, the Assyrian kingdom had to pay tribute to Babylonian kingdom though it was survived.

Facts about Hammurabi 10: the inscription of Code of Hammurabi

The inscription of Code of Hammurabi was found on a stele. Everyone would be able to see it for it was located in public places.

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