10 Interesting Facts about Hammerhead Sharks

A group of shark in the family Sphyrnidae is explained on Facts about Hammerhead Sharks. The shark earns the unique name due to the presence of special structure on the head.  This hammer shaped structure is known as a cephalofoil.  It has a number of functions such as for manipulating prey, maneuvering and sensory reception. Their primary habitat is located in the continental shelves and coastlines. They prefer to live in warm waters. Check other interesting facts about hammerhead sharks below:

Facts about Hammerhead Sharks 1: the lifestyle

When the night comes, hammerhead sharks will become a solitary hunter. During the day, they will gather in a school just like other sharks.

Facts about Hammerhead Sharks 2: the schools of hammerhead sharks

The school of hammerhead sharks can be found living in Cocos Islands of Costa Rica, Malpelo Island of Colombia and Molokai of Hawaii. The eastern and southern Africa also has large schools of hammerhead sharks.

Facts about Hammerhead Sharks
Facts about Hammerhead Sharks

Facts about Hammerhead Sharks 3: the diet

The primary diet of hammerhead sharks includes octopus, squid, fish, sharks and crustaceans. The favorite one for them is stingrays.

Facts about Hammerhead Sharks 4: the bottom of the ocean

Hammerhead sharks will stalk their prey by spending the time at the ocean bottom. They hunt down the prey using the unique head. It is used as a weapon. When the stingrays are in the state of shock and weakness, the hammerhead sharks will eat it.

Hammerhead Shark
Hammerhead Shark

Facts about Hammerhead Sharks 5: the great hammerhead sharks

The great hammerhead sharks are stronger, more aggressive and larger. Cannibalism is common among this species. They will eat their own young and other hammerhead sharks.

Facts about Hammerhead Sharks 6: the dangerous species of hammerhead sharks

The dangerous species of hammerhead sharks include the smooth, great and scalloped hammerheads.

Hammerhead Sharks Facts
Hammerhead Sharks Facts

Facts about Hammerhead Sharks 7: the endangered species

The endangered species of hammerhead sharks include scalloped and great hammerheads. Both of them are often hunted by human beings due to the expensive delicacy, high demands of their fins and overfishing.

Facts about Hammerhead Sharks 8: the risk of extinction

The risk of extinction is higher on many hammerhead sharks because of overfishing in some countries in Asia.

Hammerhead Shark Pic
Hammerhead Shark Pic

Facts about Hammerhead Sharks 9: finning

Finning is a practice, which cuts off the fins of sharks and put them back to ocean.

Facts about Hammerhead Sharks 10: in Hawaii

The Hawaiian people consider the hammerhead sharks as the respected sharks of the oceans.

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