10 Interesting Facts about Hamlet the Play

You will get the information about a tragedy written by the greatest writer, William Shakespeare on Facts about Hamlet the Play. It was written between 1599 and 1602. We simply call it Hamlet. It is also known as Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. The setting of place of Hamlet was in Kingdom of Denmark. Prince Hamlet wanted to avenge Claudius, his uncle after the ghost of King Hamlet came to him.

Facts about Hamlet the Play 1: who was Claudius?

Claudius was the brother of King Hamlet and uncle of Prince Hamlet. He became the king after killing his own brother. The widow of his brother was also married by Claudius.

Facts about Hamlet the Play 2: the importance of Hamlet

Hamlet receives a special status in the world of literature because it is an influential and powerful tragedy.  Among all works of Shakespeare, it is the longest one.

Facts about Hamlet the Play
Facts about Hamlet the Play

Facts about Hamlet the Play 3: popularity

During his life as a writer, Hamlet was considered as the most popular work of the writer. In Royal Shakespeare Company, Hamlet was always on the top performance list.

Facts about Hamlet the Play 4: inspiration

Many writers have been inspired by the story of Hamlet the Play. They include James Joyce, Charles Dickens, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Iris Murdoch.

Hamlet the Play Facts
Hamlet the Play Facts

Facts about Hamlet the Play 5: filming

Hamlet is also filmed many times. It has been adapted into movies. The character has been depicted by different actors in various eras.

Facts about Hamlet the Play 6: inspiration

The legend of Amleth inspired the story of Hamlet. Saxo Grammaticus was a chronicler who preserved the legend in Gesta Danorum. François de Belleforest was the scholar retelling the legend in 16th century.

Hamlet the Play
Hamlet the Play

Facts about Hamlet the Play 7: versions

The play has three earlier versions.  They are the First Quarto, Second Quarto and First Folio. The people who love with this tragedy like to discuss the characterization and plot structure of Hamlet. Some believe that Hamlet was hesitated to kill his uncle just to make the play longer.

Facts about Hamlet the Play 8: the study of Hamlet

Hamlet gains attention from the scholars from various fields. The characters like Gertrude and Ophelia are redefined by the feminists. On the other hand, the unconscious desires of Hamlet are studied by psychoanalytic critics.

Hamlet the Play 1922
Hamlet the Play 1922

Facts about Hamlet the Play 9: the characters

The primary characters in Hamlet include Hamlet, Gertrude, Ophelia, Claudius, and Polonius.

Facts about Hamlet the Play 10: Gertrude

Who is Gertrude? She is Hamlet’s mother and queen of Denmark.

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