10 Interesting Facts about Halloween

Look at Facts about Halloween if you want to know one of the most celebrated events in the world. It is also called as All Saints’ Eve, Hallows’ Eve and Allhalloween. It is noted as the eve of All Hallows’ Day, the Western Christian feast. The observance of the Halloween takes place on October 31. The tradition of Halloween was traced back during the Celtic harvest festival. The Christianized version was called Halloween even though it had the pagan root.

Facts about Halloween 1: the interesting activities

There are a number of interesting activities on Halloween such as lighting bonfires, carving pumpkin to create jack-o-lanterns, watching horror movies, telling scary stories and playing pranks. Some teens also launch a Halloween party with unique scary costumes.

Facts about Halloween 2: All Hallows’ Eve

The observance of All Hallows’ Eve is conducted by lighting candles on the graves and participating in the church services.

Facts about Halloween
Facts about Halloween

Facts about Halloween 3: the celebration

The celebration of Halloween is mostly secular and commercial. The notable foods eaten during this day include soul cakes, potato pancakes and apples.

Facts about Halloween 4: the symbols

The famous symbol of Halloween is Jack-o-Lanterns.  It was used to scare the evil spirits during the All Hallow’s Eve. During the Halloween, carving a turnip is popular in Scotland and Ireland. However, pumpkin is popular to carve in United States due to its larger and softer features.

Halloween Church
Halloween Church

Facts about Halloween 5: other symbols

Other symbols of Halloween include images of skull, horror literature, Gothic styled costume and Christian eschatology

Facts about Halloween 6: autumn season

Cornhusks, pumpkins, and scarecrows are some elements of autumn season used to symbolize Halloween.


Facts about Halloween 7: the traditional colors

The traditional colors of Halloween include black, purple and orange.

Facts about Halloween 8: kids and Halloween

Children also participate on Halloween by having trick-or-treating custom. The children will ask for candies from one house to another house in neighborhood while wearing the Halloween costume.

Facts about Halloween 9: Halloween costumes

The traditional Halloween costumes are inspired from devils, witches, skeletons, monsters, vampires and ghosts. The modern ones are inspired from princesses, ninjas, celebrities and famous fictional characters.

Facts about Halloween 10: Halloween foods

The common candies for kids during trick and treat were candy apples.  In Ireland, the common Halloween foods include toffee apples, barmbrack, monkey peanuts and colcannon. Other foods are soul cakes, roasted pumpkin seeds, Halloween cake, bonfire toffee and many more.

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