10 Interesting Facts about Halifax

The city located in West Yorkshire, England is explained on Facts about Halifax. In 15th century onward, it is famous due to the manufacturing woollen. The origin of Halifax Building Society was traced back in Halifax. Rolo and Quality Street of Halifax are famous due to the chocolate and toffee products from Mackintosh. The north part of Halifax features Dean Clough.  It is one of the world’s largest textile factories. Check other interesting facts about Halifax below:

Facts about Halifax 1: the ethnic group

Almost 87 percent of the people who live in Halifax were Whites. Pakistani accounts for 10 percent of the total population. The Halifax urban area is occupied by 82,500 people. The population density is 530 per kilometer square.

Facts about Halifax 2: the full-time employment

The full-time employment earned by more than 90 percent of the residents at the age of 16 to 74 years old.

Facts about Halifax
Facts about Halifax

Facts about Halifax 3: religion

The Christian background was found on 63.8 percent of the population. The people who stated with no religion were 16.3 percent. Muslims were 5 percent.

Facts about Halifax 4: as industrial town

In the past, Halifax was recognized as a busy industrial town. There were various products from Halifax such as beer, machine tools, carpets and wool.

Halifax Map
Halifax Map

Facts about Halifax 5: media

Halifax features the offices of a local weekly newspaper of Calderdale, the Courier. The studios of Phoenix Radio 96.7 FM are located in town too.

Facts about Halifax 6: the state schools

The state schools in Halifax are North Halifax Grammar School in Illingworth and Crossley Heath School in Savile Park.

Halifax Pic
Halifax Pic

Facts about Halifax 7: Calderdale College

The west part of Halifax is a home of Calderdale College. It is situated on Francis Street. In 2013, Maltings College was opened where the students are offered with a number of courses.

Facts about Halifax 8: the famous landmarks

Halifax has a number of notable landmarks such as Borough Market, Dean Clough Mill, Piece Hall, and Halifax Town Hall. In 1863, Charles Barry designed the building. He was also a designer for Houses of Parliament.  The town center features a Victorian marketplace called Borough Market.


Facts about Halifax 9: Piece Hall

If you like shopping, you can come to Halifax where 315 merchants selling woollen clothes.

Facts about Halifax 10: Wainhouse Tower

King Cross features Wainhouse Tower. In 1871 until 1875, this tower was constructed.

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