10 Interesting Facts about Haiti

Facts about Haiti give the readers the complete information about a country located on Hispaniola Island. The former name is Hayti.  The official name is Republic of Haiti. The area covered by Haiti is three-eighths of it. The remaining part is occupied by Dominican Republic.  Haiti is a home for 10.6 million people. The area is measured at 10,714 square miles or 27,750 sq mi. Let us find out other interesting facts about Haiti below:

Facts about Haiti 1: the indigenous people

The indigenous people who lived in Haiti were Taino people. The first voyage of Columbus discovered the Island of Hispaniola on December 5th, 1492.

Facts about Haiti 2: landing on Haiti

Columbus thought that he was in India or Asia when landing on Haiti. Spain claimed the island and called it La Espanola.  Spain was in control of Haiti until the beginning of 17th century.

Facts about Haiti
Facts about Haiti

Facts about Haiti 3: the profitable island

The colony of the island was profitable due to the slaves who worked hard on the sugarcane plantations.

Facts about Haiti 4: Haitian Revolution

The Haitian Revolution took place in 1791 until 1804. The revolt was conducted by the slaves of free people of colors. During the Battle of Vertières, the army of Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated. Thus, slavery was abolished in Haiti.

Haiti History
Haiti History

Facts about Haiti 5: Citadelle Laferrière

Do you know the largest fortress in the Americas? It is located in Haiti. The fortress is named Citadelle Laferrière. It was established under the reign of Henri I. He was the first king of Haiti. President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was exiled and removed from his position because of a coup d’état which took place in February 2004.

Facts about Haiti 6: organization

Haiti is a member of various organizations such as the Organization of American States, Latin Union, and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

Haiti Facts
Haiti Facts

Facts about Haiti 7: climate

The altitude of Haiti will determine the varied weather and temperature. In general, it has tropical climate.

Facts about Haiti 8: the rainfall

The average annual rainfall on Port-au-Prince is 53.9 inches or 1,370 mm.  In April to June and October to November, the people have to deal with the rainy season.

Haiti Politics
Haiti Politics

Facts about Haiti 9: disaster

Haiti has to concern which deforestation, which increases the period flood and drought.

Facts about Haiti 10: poverty

Poverty is prevalent in Haiti. The people have lack of education, low level of health care, poor infrastructure and corruption.

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