10 Interesting Facts about Hairdressing

The activities related to hair styling, coloring, cutting and texturing are explained on Facts about Hairdressing. The person who does hairdressing is called hairdresser. The person’s image will be maintained or changed by having a new haircut or hairstyle. A hairdresser can do many ways to change a person’s image such as by texturing, perming, coloring, cutting, styling, and straightening the hair. You can also add unique accessories to your hair from josefadavid.com.

Facts about Hairdressing 1: the professional hairdresser

If you want to have a new haircut or hair coloring, it is better for you to contact the professional hairdresser.

Facts about Hairdressing 2: the types of hairdressing

Hairdressing can be conducted in various ways. Texturing, styling, curling, permanent relaxers, extension, coloring, waves and cuts are the prevalent ones.

Facts about Hairdressing
Facts about Hairdressing

Facts about Hairdressing 3: cutting the hair

Before the hair is cut, it should be washed first. Thus, the hair is damp during the cutting process.

Facts about Hairdressing 4: the dry and wet hair

It is preferable for the hairdresser to cut the damp hair to the dry hair. The wet hair is easy to manage. The hairdresser can create the shape of hairstyle easily with wet hair.

Hairdressing Facts
Hairdressing Facts

Facts about Hairdressing 5: the method

If the subject has straight hair, the wet hair method is a good option. If the subject has the kinky or curly hair, the dry hair is the best option when cutting the hair. Thus, the shape will suit the natural form of the hair. Visit here to know about tourmaline vs ceramic curling iron and which device is best to use all the time.

Facts about Hairdressing 6: the tools for cutting the hair

There are a number of tools used to cut the hairs. They include razors, cordless curling iron, scissors and hair clippers. The hairdresser will use the hairgrips and combs to section the hair.


Facts about Hairdressing 7: how to untangle the hair

Untangling the hair is easy to do using combs or brushes.  They are sold in various models, shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and materials. The horn, wood and plastics are the common materials to create combs.

Facts about Hairdressing 8: sharing the hair care instrument

If you have clips and combs at home, make sure that you do not share them with other people to reduce the risk of spreading hair condition like head lice and dandruff.

Hairdressing Old
Hairdressing Old

Facts about Hairdressing 9: drying the hair

Due to the rise of technology, drying the hair takes shorter period. You can use hair dryer to increase the water evaporation rate.

Facts about Hairdressing 10: African American people

The African American people have unique ways to maintain their kinky and curly hair. Braiding extension is the popular one.

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