10 Interesting Facts about Hair

A protein filament found on the skin or dermis of human being is explained on Facts about Hair. The people consider it as an important part of beauty. Thus, they concern with hair care, hair types and hair growth. Keratin is a type of protein, which composes the hair.  Each culture has different attitude related to hair treatment. They develop special hair removal and hairstyles. The religion, sex, age, status, social position and personal belief are indicated from the hairstyles.

Facts about Hair 1: the hair pigments

There are two types of hair pigments, which can be found in all kinds of natural hair colors.  Both are the pheomelanin and eumelanin.  The red hair is dominated by pheomelanin. The black hair and brown hair are dominated with eumelanin.

Facts about Hair 2: the production

The production of melanin is located inside the hair follicle.

facts about Hair
facts about Hair

Facts about Hair 3: the blond hair and gray hair

The hair turns gray because melanin stops to produce melanin, which gives color to the hair.  The blond hair occurs because the hair strand only has little pigmentation.

Facts about Hair 4: the hair growth

The external body of human being contains hair. The glaborous skin and mucus membrane do not have any hair. The lips, soles of feet and palms of hands do not have any hair.

Hair Pic
Hair Pic

Facts about Hair 5: the growth cycle

The anagen, catagen and telogen are the three phases of hair growth. One hair probably is in telogen phase, while others may be in catagen phase.

Facts about Hair 6: textures

The volume, curl pattern and consistency are the three major factors, which determine hair texture. Talking about the hair volume, it is divided in three major types. The hair can be thick, normal or thin. Fine, medium and coarse are the three categories of hair consistency.


Facts about Hair 7: circumference

Circumference is determined by seeing the hair consistency. The largest circumference is spotted on the coarse hair. The smallest one is seen on fine hair.

Facts about Hair 8: the curl pattern

The curl pattern of hair has been classified by a number of systems. It is important to know the curl pattern so that the people realize the right treatment for the hair.

Hair Facts
Hair Facts

Facts about Hair 9: Andre Walker system

One of the famous systems is defined by Andre Walker. He was Oprah Winfrey’s hairstylist.

Facts about Hair 10: the types of Andre Walker system

The four types of hair defined according to Andre Walker system such as kinky, curly, wavy and straight.

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