10 Interesting Facts about Hagia Sophia

Check Facts about Hagia Sophia if you want to know the famous building located in Istanbul, Turkey. Today, Hagia Sophia is a museum. In the past, it had been employed as a church for Greek Orthodox Christians. Then it was used as an imperial museum. The construction took place from 537 AD until 1453. It became the Eastern Orthodox Cathedral and Patriarch of Constantinople. The Fourth Crusaders transformed Hagia Sophia into a Catholic Cathedral in 1204 until 1261.

Facts about Hagia Sophia 1: an Ottoman Mosque

On May 29th, 1453 until 1931, Hagia Sophia was functioned as an Ottoman mosque.

Facts about Hagia Sophia 2: as a museum

On February 1st, 1935, Hagia Sophia became a museum to make it secular.

facts about Hagia Sophia
facts about Hagia Sophia

Facts about Hagia Sophia 3: the fame

Hagia Sophia is a famous building in the world due to the spectacular massive dome. It is a good example for those who want to learn about Byzantine architecture.  For almost a thousand years, Hagia Sophia was considered as the largest cathedral in the world. The record was surpassed Seville Cathedral.

Facts about Hagia Sophia 4: Justinian I

Justinian I was the Byzantine emperor who commissioned the order to construct the current building Hagia Sophia as a church in 532.

Hagia Sophia Facts
Hagia Sophia Facts

Facts about Hagia Sophia 5: the designers

Isidore of Miletus and Anthemius of Tralles were the designers of Hagia Sophia. Both were the notable Greek geometers.

Facts about Hagia Sophia 6: the dedication

The Logos was the God of Wisdom.  He was known as the second person in the Trinity, the construction of Hagia Sophia was dedicated for Logos. In Christ, Logos had his birth of incarnation on December 25th.

Hagia Sophia Pic
Hagia Sophia Pic

Facts about Hagia Sophia 7: the reference

The church was often called Sancta Sophia. The name was inspired from Sophia the Martyr. The famous feature of the church was the silver iconostasis with the height of 49 feet or 15 meters.

Facts about Hagia Sophia 8: as a mosque

Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque under the Ottoman Empire. The mosaics with the images of Christian saints, Mother Mary, angels and Jesus were destroyed.

Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia

Facts about Hagia Sophia 9: addition

The additional features included four minarets, minbar and mihrab during the conversion into a mosque.

Facts about Hagia Sophia 10: as a museum

Republic of Turkey opened Hagia Sophia as a museum in 1935 after it was closed for public in four years.

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