10 Interesting Facts about H.G. Wells

If you want to know the famous English writer, check Facts about H.G. Wells. He had written different kinds of literary genres such as textbooks, social commentary, politics, history and novels. Do you know that Wells also wrote rules for war games? He was born on September 21st, 1866 and died on August 13th, 1946. He is widely known as the father of science fiction due to his science fiction novels. He shares the status with other two writers. They are Hugo Gernsback and Jules Verne. Let us check other interesting facts about Wells below:

Facts about H.G. Wells 1: training

Biology was considered as the first subject learned by Wells.  The Darwinian context made him think about its ethnical matter.

Facts about H.G. Wells 2: socialist

Wells was always known as socialist. He had sympathy to the pacifist views.

Facts about H. G. Wells
Facts about H. G. Wells

Facts about H.G. Wells 3: the prominent works of Wells

If you are interested to know the impressive works of Wells as a writer, you have to reach The War of the Worlds (1898), The Time Machine (1895), The Invisible Man (1897), and The Island of Doctor Moreau (1896).

Facts about H.G. Wells 4: nomination

Nobel Prize is one of the most prestigious honors for people. Wells was a four-time nominated writer for Nobel Prize for Literature.

H. G. Wells House
H. G. Wells House

Facts about H.G. Wells 5: the latter works

He shifted the focus of scientist fiction works into the didactic and political works in the later life.

Facts about H.G. Wells 6: Charles Dickens

Wells was sometimes compared to Charles Dickens because both also focused on the life of lower middle class people. His novels, which deal with such a life, were Kipps and The History of Mr Polly. He tried to depict different classes of society through his works. You can read Tono-Bungay published in 1909 to give you description about the whole society in England.

H. G. Wells Facts
H. G. Wells Facts

Facts about H.G. Wells 7: a charitable organization

The Diabetic Association was co-founded by Wells in 1934. He was a diabetic person. Today, the organization is recognized as a Diabetes UK.

Facts about H.G. Wells 8: personal life

Isabel Mary Wells was the wife of Wells. She was his cousin. In 1894, the couple separated after Amy Catherine Robbins and Wells fell in love. Robbins was one of his students.

H. G. Wells Pictures
H. G. Wells Pictures

Facts about H.G. Wells 9: affairs

Wells also had affairs with the consent of his wife, Robbins.  His women included novelist Elizabeth von Arnim, Soviet spy Moura Budberg, adventurer and writer Odette Keun and American birth control activist Margaret Sanger. He also had kids with other women.

Facts about H.G. Wells 10: death

On August 13th, 1946, Wells died at his home in London at the age of 79 due to an unspecified cause.

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