10 Interesting Facts about Guy de Maupassant

Facts about Guy de Maupassant will inform you about a famous French writer. He is also a novelist and poet. He was born on August 5, 1850 as Henri Rene Albert Guy de Maupassant and died on July 6, 1893 in Passy, Paris at the age of 42. Guy de Valmont and Joseph Prunier are his pen name. He is also known as a master of short stories. The other facts about him will be explained below.

Facts about Guy de Maupassant 1: His education

Maupassant ever studied Law in Paris. Unfortunately, he has to leave his studies due to he becomes a soldier. He has to fight in the Franco-Prussian War. His passion of writing is visible from his letter-writing during he serves as soldier.

Facts about Guy de Maupassant 2: His family

Guy de Maupassant comes from rich family. Laure Le Poittevin and Gustave de Maupassant are the parents of him. He has a brother named Herve. Unfortunately, their parents divorced when he was 11 years old and his brother was 5 years old.

Laure Le Poittevin
Laure Le Poittevin

Facts about Guy de Maupassant 3: Early life

As we know that Maupassant lived with his mother and brother after his parent seperated. That is why he really love and close with his mother. His house is near to the sea. So, they liked rowing and sailing.

Facts about Guy de Maupassant 4: Gustave Flaubert

Gustave Flaubert is a good friend of Laure Le Poittevin (Maupassant’s mother). He told that writing is Maupassant’s passion. That is why Maupassant is introduced to Emile Zola and Henry James. They help Maupassant for editing and selecting his collection of stories.

Gustave Flaubert
Gustave Flaubert

Facts about Guy de Maupassant 5: He hated the Eiffel Tower

Actually, Maupassant hated the Eiffel Tower. However, he often ate lunch in the Eiffel Tower’s restaurant. The reason of it was because of he can not see the Eiffel tower inside the restaurant.

Facts about Guy de Maupassant 6: His best novel

Une Vie (1883, tr. A Life), Bel-Ami (1885), Pierre et Jean (1888), Notre Cœur (1890, tr. Our Hearts) are several example of his best novel.

Pierre et Jean
Pierre et Jean

Facts about Guy de Maupassant 7: La Parure (The Necklace)

La Parure (The Necklace) is the best-loved stories of him.

Facts about Guy de Maupassant 8: A list of his materpieces

L’Héritage (The Heritage), La Maison Tellier (The House of Mme Tellier), La Ficelle (The Piece of String, Boule de suif (Tallow Ball), Clair de lune (Moonlight, La Parure (The Necklace), Mlle Fifi and Miss Harriet are his masterpieces. Besides, all European literature influenced his works.

Boule de suif (Tallow Ball)
Boule de suif (Tallow Ball)

Facts about Guy de Maupassant 9: An amazing work

There are many amazing work which was made by Maupassant in 10 years, including several non-fiction books, 300 short stories, and six novels.

Facts about Guy de Maupassant 10: Syphilis

Maupassant suffered syphilis when he was 20 years old. It makes side effect of him such as insanity. That is why he died in insane asylum. Cimetiere de Montparnasse, Paris is a place where he was burried.

Gay de Maupassant's Grave
Gay de Maupassant’s Grave


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