10 Interesting Facts about Guanajuato Mexico

Have you ever heard about Guanajuato Mexico? The city in Mexico will be explained on Facts about Guanajuato Mexico. The capital city of Guanajuato Mexico is Guanajuato. It also become the most beuatiful city in Guanajuato Mexico. Besides, you will see the beautiful colors in the houses of Guanajuato, such as fuchisia pink, baby blue, red, saffron yellow, and lime green. Although the city is beautiful, it is not only for tourism object. However, people in Guanajuato live, play, study, and work in the city. Here are ten interesting facts about Guanajuato Mexico.

Facts about Guanajuato Mexico 1: Lanes

There are many colorful lanes in the Guanajuato Mexico. Besides, you can also find many of plazas and alleyways. Bright and cheerful are symbol of the  buildings’ colors. Do not forget to use GPS for exploring Guanajuato Mexico. Because you may get lost.

Facts about Guanajuato Mexico 2: The Alley of the Kiss

The Alley of the Kiss is the famous alleyway. If you kiss with your partner in the alley, it believed that happiness will come to you during 7 years.

The Alley of the Kiss
The Alley of the Kiss

Facts about Guanajuato Mexico 3: The history behind the Alley of the Kiss

The history behind the Alley of the Kiss comes from an old folk tale. The story tells about two people who loved each other. They also lived with the near balcony. Unfortunately, the girl’s father did not like with their relationship. That is why they continued their love story in secret and kissed in the alley due to the narrow lane. The ending of the story is tragic.

Facts about Guanajuato Mexico 4: The Mercado Hidalgo

The Mercado Hidalgo is the biggest markets in the Guanajuato Mexico. There are many vendors who sells everything, including clothing, frrsh fruit, meat, and cheese. Besides, you can also get sale goods and see the beautiful building around the market.

Facts about Guanajuato Mexico 5: Delicious food

It is same with another country. Guanajuato Mexico also has street food. There are many delicious food at there, such as gorditas. Besides, you will also get snacks, Mexican coffee, and homemade ice cream.

Facts about Guanajuato Mexico 6: Alhondiga de Granaditas

Alhondiga de Granaditas is the museum of arts and history. There are many advantages of this museum. People used it for storehouse of grain, fortress armory, school, and the last is museum.

Facts about Guanajuato Mexico 7: The furnicular in Guanajuato Mexico

The furnicular in Guanajuato Mexico is a kind of escalator. It is a tram-car which is pulled by a cable. You can go to the mountain side using the furnicular. Besides, beautiful views of the city can be seen from the top.

Facts about Guanajuato Mexico 8: Churches and Cathedrals

In the city center, there are many churches and cathedrals, such as the vibrant yellow Basilica de Guanajuato, the San Cayetano, and the Templo de la Compania.

Templo de la Compania
Templo de la Compania

Facts about Guanajuato Mexico 9: The climate

The climate in Guanajuato Mexico is cool in the winter, warm or mild in the summers, and sometimes freeze at night.

Facts about Guanajuato Mexico 10: Diego Rivera’s Home

Have you ever heard about Diego Rivera’s? Yup, Diego Rivera is a famous artist in Mexico. He is also a husband of Frida. Now, his home becomes art gallery or museum. You can find many furniture inside his home.

Diego Rivera's Home
Diego Rivera’s Home

We have talked facts about Guanajuato Mexico. Do you know other facts about Guanajuato Mexico?

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