10 Interesting Facts about Google Glass

Have you ever heard about Google glass? Yup, the high-teach eyewear will be explained on Facts about Google Glass. It becomes the most interesting  wearable technology in the world. There are many advantages from this technology. Google …, get directions to …, take a photo, record a video, send a message to, make a call to, and start a hangout with are seven voice commands in the first explorers edition of google glass. Here are ten interesting facts about google glass.

Interesting Facts about Google Glass 1: Google glass vs Smartphone

Don’t think that google glass is same as smartphone. They are different! Although they have same applications, such as GPS and Wi-Fi access. But you cannot call your friend using google glass. It means that  SIM card cannot be inserted.

Interesting Facts about Google Glass 2: Okay Glass

Okay Glass are words which is used to make a command. By saying Okay Glass, you can say a command or ask a question and google will give you the information. Besides, by tilting your head up, you can take a picture or record a video then ask a question. It means there is no web browser. It is also very easy to used. That is why many people interested in this technology.

Okay glass, google

Okay glass, google

Interesting Facts about Google Glass 3: GPS chip

Don’t worry to get lost. Google glass has built with GPS chip. It will help you navigate especially when you are driving. It is a helpful technology for backpackers and travellers.

Interesting Facts about Google Glass 4: Take a photo

By saying “take a photo”, you will capture the views that you want to capture. Besides, it is easier than camera due to it is hands-free. You will also take a video from this technology. It is amazing.

Interesting Facts about Google Glass 5: The colors of google glass

There are many colors of google glass, including black, white, orange, blue, and grey.

Interesting Facts about Google Glass 6: Speak many languages

If you like travelling. Don’t worry to translete the foreign languages. Because google glass will help you to do it through google translate.

Interesting Facts about Google Glass 7: The price of google glass

The price of google glass explorer edition is around US $1500. As we know that the price is very expensive. We can only hope that next time the price will come down.

Interesting Facts about Google Glass 8: The disadvantages

As we know that take a picture without permission is impolite. But google glass can do it. Because of that, it becomes one of the disadvantages of google glass. It also need internet connection.

Take a picture

Take a picture

Interesting Facts about Google Glass 9: Battery life

Google glass is also has battery like smartphone. It is quite powerful if you do not use many apps and video recordings. If your battery low, u can charge it using micro-USB.

Interesting Facts about Google Glass 10: Small screen

The screen of google glass is small. However, the size is same with 25” TV while you see at a distance.

Small screen

Small screen

We have talked facts about google glass. Are you interested to read this article?

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