10 Interesting Facts about Gold in Australia

A large number of gold which is found in the Australia will be explained on Facts about Gold in Australia. It was also known as gold rush. There are many people who came to Australia to look and find for gold. They hope to be rich people from that. So, they rushed for digging gold.


Here are the birch gold group reviews and other facts about gold in Australia.

Facts about Gold in Australia 1: The history

The history of gold in Australia was begun when Hargraves found gold on February, 1851. They found it in near Bathurst, New South Wales. After a week, there were 400 people who dug for gold and become 2000 people on June. It was named as goldfield.

Facts about Gold in Australia 2: The equipment for digging gold

A spade and a dish were the basic equipments for digging gold. Whereas  for deeper gold which was buried, people needed dig tunnels and work together.

The basic equipment, spade
The basic equipment, spade

Facts about Gold in Australia 3: Alluvial gold

Gold which can be found easily in every places such as rivers and creeks was known as alluvial gold. When alluvial gold found, the gold rush was begun.

Facts about Gold in Australia 4: The largest producer of gold

Australia becomes the largest producer of gold in the world in the 19th century. One third of the gold in the world also was produced by Australia in 1851 and 1861.

Facts about Gold in Australia 5: The miners

At the time, miners move from one place to another place for finding gold. They want to be the first people who find the surface gold. On August, 1851, the went to Clunes, Victoria and moved to the Buninyong after heard that there were discovery of new gold at there. Then, gold was found at Ballarat and many people digging for that. However, most miners left Ballarat and moved at Bendigo in 1853 Bendigo to the new goldfields.

Facts about Gold in Australia 6: Gold rush in the New South Wales

In the New South Wales, the first gold rush was happened. It was also happened at Ophir, New South Wales, north east of Bathurst, on February 12, 1851, Hill End, 1851, Tilba Tilba in 1852, Kiandra on January 1860, Young on June 1860, Forbes on June 1861, Parkes in 1862, Gulgong in 1870, and West Wyalong in 1893.

Facts about Gold in Australia 7: The discoveries of gold

The first gold was foun by convict at Bathurst in 1823. Then, it was found  in the Australian in 1839. Besides, gold was also found at Strathloddon, Victoria in 1840, Hartley, New South Wales in 1844, Montecute, South Australia in 1846, Glenmona Station, and Victoria in 1849.

Facts about Gold in Australia 8: The largest gold nugget in the world

In Hill End, Australia in 1872, the largest gold nugget in the world was found. The tall is around 5 feet and the weight is about 93 kg or 204 lbs.

The largest gold nugget in the world
The largest gold nugget in the world

Facts about Gold in Australia 9: The richest goldfield

The richest goldfield in the world has discovered by James Reagan and John Dunlop at Ballarat or Camping place

Facts about Gold in Australia 10: The transportartion

Horse or bullock, wheelbarrow are the transportation during the goldfield. Because there were no roads, even shops or houses at there.

The transportation during goldfield
The transportation during goldfield

We have talked facts about gold. Do you know other facts about it?


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