10 Interesting Facts about Glue

A sticky material which can be used to stick things together will be explained on Facts about Glue. There are many materials that can be used to make glue, such as parts of the animal, plant, and oil-based chemicals. Besides, rice or rice flour can also be made as a glue. As we know that we need glue for everything, including to make craft, to repair something that broke, and more. Besides, glue is easy to used. We only take a brush and glue then put it on the things. We can also use many types of glue based on the necessity. Here are ten interesting facts about glue.

Facts about Glue 1: The heat and sunlight

The heat and sunlight can reduce the adhesive properties of glue.

Facts about Glue 2: Wheat flour and water

Have you ever make glue? Do you wanna try? Yup. By mixing wheat flour and water can make glue. You can do this at home with your children. It can be used to stick the paper together with your homemade glue.

Wheat flour and paper to make glue
Wheat flour and paper to make glue

Facts about Glue 3: The uses of glue

Approximately, 18.2 kg or 40 pounds glue was used by American each year.

Facts about Glue 4: The advantages of glue

There are many advantages of glue. It can be used to stick everything, such as paper, cloth, wood, etc. Besides, glue is also can be used to keep water out of vehicles, boats, and building which is called as caulk.

Glue can stick things together
Glue can stick things together

Facts about Glue 5: History of glue

The natural liquids from trees maybe becomes the first glue. After that, animal feet and bones were used to make it by boiling them. However, rubber, fish bones, and milk were the first materials which can be used to make the strong glue.

Facts about Glue 6: The poisonous chemical

As we know that glue is safe. That is why we allowed our children to use it or even play with it. However, there are some glues that have strong-smelling chemicals. It means that the glue is very dangerous because contain of poisonous chemical. It can make ilness or brain damage if we breathe the glue.

Hazardous chemicals in the glue
Hazardous chemicals in the glue

Facts about Glue 7: A spear

The first glow was used to create a spear by sticking stone to wood.

Facts about Glue 8: Types of glue

Hot glue, drying glue, and pressure sensitive adhesive are the types of glue. Drying glue is the most popular glue all over the world.

Drying glue is the most popular glue in the world
Drying glue is the most popular glue in the world

Facts about Glue 9: The glue market

Approximately, the glue market has profit US $50 billion in 2019.

Facts about Glue 10: The things to apply the glue

Spray guns, applicator guns, brushes, pellets, and rollers are tools which is usually used to apply the glue.

Applicator gun for glue
Applicator gun for glue


We have talked facts about glue. Are you interested to read this article? Do you know other facts about it? Hopefully, this article will help you to know more about glue. Enjoy reading.

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