10 Interesting Facts about Gingers

Facts about Gingers will give us the insight about the flowering plant mostly uses as medicine and spice. It has the biological name of Zingiber officinale. The important part of ginger plant is the ginger root or rhizome. That’s the part used by the people to create folk medicine and spice. The height of this herbaceous perennial plant reaches one meter. It has yellow flowers and narrow green leaves.

Facts about Gingers 1: the origin of gingers

The origin of gingers can be traced back in Southern Asia where it grows on the tropical rainforest.

Facts about Gingers 2: the genetic variation

The varied genetic variations of gingers were found in Indian subcontinent. Thus, many people believe that ginger was originated from India.

Facts about Gingers
Facts about Gingers

Facts about Gingers 3: export

In the 1st century AD, European people began to export gingers. The Romans used ginger extensively. The spice trade also established great popularity of gingers in Europe.

Facts about Gingers 4: the wild ginger

The term wild ginger is often used to call dicots of genus Asarum even though it is a distant relation of ginger.


Facts about Gingers 5: flowers

Before gingers have yellow flowers, a cluster of pink and white flower buds will develop first. The people who live in subtropical homes often plant ginger due to the beauty of flowers. Moreover, they can adapt well in tropical and warm climate.

Facts about Gingers 6: the taste

Ginger is often used as a fragrant and hot kitchen spice. It has unique flavor. The mild taste is found on the juicy and fleshy young ginger rhizomes.


Facts about Gingers 7: how to process ginger

Ginger is considered as one of the main ingredients in many dishes in the world. It is often sherried as snack and pickled in vinegar.

Facts about Gingers 8: boiling ginger

The people who want to warm the body often boil ginger with water. Then they will add lemon fruit or honey for interesting flavor.

Gingers Crops
Gingers Crops

Facts about Gingers 9: drinks

Various drinks are created with ginger as the flavor. The ginger wine and candy are available.

Facts about Gingers 10: ginger candy

Ginger candy is a kind of confectionary where the root is mixed with sugar until it is soft enough.

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