10 Interesting Facts about Gerbils

The desert rats are also known as gerbils. The small mammals are mostly diurnal. They have great adaptation when living in the hot and arid areas.  There were 110 species in the gerbil subfamily. They include sand rats, Asian rodents, jirds, Indian rodents and African rodents. All of them are the members of order of Rodentia. Most of them are omnivores. Gerbil is prevalent to keep as a pet. Get other interesting facts about gerbils below:

Facts about Gerbils 1: terminology

The diminutive form of jerboa is called gerbil. Actually, jerboa and gerbil are included in different groups of rodents.

Facts about Gerbils 2: a popular pet

A popular pet of gerbil is Meriones unguiculatus. This Mongolian species is hardy and gentle. The common name is clawed jird.

Facts about Gerbils
Facts about Gerbils

Facts about Gerbils 3: the introduction of as a popular pet house

In 19th century, Meriones unguiculatus was introduced to Paris, from China where it earned great popularity as a house pet. Dr. Victor Schwentker brought this species to United States for research in 1954.

Facts about Gerbils 4: the length

The length of gerbils is measured at 150 to 300 mm or 6 to 12 inches on average.


Facts about Gerbils 5: Rhombomys opimus

Rhombomys opimus is longer. This great gerbil has the length of 410 mm or 16 inches. It is endemic to Turkmenistan.

Facts about Gerbils 6: living in the wild

In the wild, gerbils do not live alone. They will live in a group due to their social nature.  Other members of group will be identified by using the sense of smell. The gerbils, which have unfamiliar scent, will be attacked or killed because they do not belong to the clan.

Gerbils Facts
Gerbils Facts

Facts about Gerbils 7: pet industry

In 1964, the pet industry began to accept gerbil as a pet. The first one was the mongolian gerbil. Various pet shops in United States and United Kingdom began to sell this gerbil.

Facts about Gerbils 8: the law in California

The State of California outlaws to keep, import and buy gerbils as a pet for this act will threaten the agricultural operation and indigenous ecosystem.


Facts about Gerbils 9: a home

If you think that gerbil will live well inside a house designed for mice or hamsters, you are wrong. They need a special house.

Facts about Gerbils 10: mating

Do you know that gerbils mate for several hours? In the rare condition, the female will be attacked by the male if the latter one is widowed.

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