10 Interesting Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer

If you want to know the Father of English Literature, look at Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer. He was born circa 1343 and died on October 25th, 1400. Do you know that the first poet buried at Westminster Abbey in Poets’ Corner was Chaucer? Until this present day, people always consider him as the greatest English poet from middle Ages. The Canterbury Tales is the most celebrated work of Chaucer.

Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer 1: the fame of Chaucer

Chaucer was known not only as an author but also as an astronomer and philosopher. He was also involved in the civil service as a diplomat, courtier and bureaucrat.

Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer 2: the famous works of Chaucer

Can you tell me the notable works written by Chaucer? They include The Canterbury Tales, The House of Fame, The Books of the Duchess, and the Legend of Good Women.

Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer
Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer

Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer 3: the usage of Middle English

When Chaucer was alive, Latin and French were the primary languages to write the literary works. However, Chaucer employed Middle English to write his works.

Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer 4: the first prominent work

The Book of the Duchess is considered as the first major literary work of Chaucer. This book narrated an elegy for Blanche of Lancaster.

Geoffrey Chaucer Facts
Geoffrey Chaucer Facts

Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer 5: John of Gaunt

O June 13, 1374, John Gaunt, the husband of Blanche of Lancaster gave Chaucer £10 annuity to create the elegy. The experts believe that the book probably was written around 1369 -1374.

Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer 6: other early works of Chaucer

Arcite and The House of Fame and Anelida were the other two early literary works of Chaucer.

Geoffrey Chaucer Tales
Geoffrey Chaucer Tales

Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer 7: The Canterbury Tales

Chaucer is mostly celebrated due to his work on The Canterbury Tales. It narrated the story about the fictional pilgrims. It seems that Chaucer began to work on this book in the early 1380s.

Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer 8: occupations

Chaucer had different occupations during the middle Ages. He had become a supervisor, messenger, soldier, page, valet, administrator and bureaucrat.

Geoffrey Chaucer
Geoffrey Chaucer

Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer 9: Treatise on the Astrolabe

Treatise on the Astrolabe is another prominent work of Chaucer. The experts believe that Chaucer dedicated the work for his son.

Facts about Geoffrey Chaucer 10: the printed edition

In 1478 and 1483, William Caxton published the first two folios of The Canterbury Tales.

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